Using Video to Build Consumer Trust in Your eCommerce Company

If you want to build a powerful identity for your eCommerce business, you also need to build brand trust. That much’s a given.

The thing is, everybody is bombarded with new stuff every day on social media! So, understandably, people have grown a little skeptical about most products and solutions.

In their eyes, yours is just one more option among many… Until you are not.

You can influence customers to see you as a competent, trustworthy, and empathetic brand with the right videos! After all, we already have enough video marketing trends pointing out that little nugget. So, if you want to have a relevant online presence for your platform, using video is the way forward. 

But the catch is you have to do it right.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the top trust-building styles of video that most skilled video companies are using nowadays. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of how to make your eCommerce business stand out in the sea of digital content.

Leveraging the Power of Product Videos

One of the most significant challenges facing your eCommerce company lies in the fact that customers don’t have firsthand contact with your product. They rely on ‘detailed descriptions’ to get the information they need. But it can be really difficult – and unappealing – to figure out how a product might work from written overviews and pictures alone.

A challenge you can almost entirely bypass with the right videos in place.

Product videos allow you to showcase what you offer – and all its features – in a direct and engaging format. They are particularly good for letting your audience see how others use and benefit from your solutions.

To make a good product video, though, you need to do more than a high-quality framing and lighting: it’s essential to display your product in action or illustrate their inner workings through animation. Do it right, and customers will be able to form a more realistic – and compelling – impression about them.

Showcasing Ease-of-use and Versatility with eCommerce Product Videos

Take this product video as an example. The premise is simple: going through a demonstration of a linger side table and use it for different purposes. But what’s clever is how they took the time to combine the description with an easy to follow how-to for set up, which is something that most customers considering to make a purchase will find helpful and compelling. 

As you can see, product videos are versatile tools that you can repurpose to address different issues.

  • Close-up videos are great for products that have a lot of details or fine craftsmanship. They show a close look at your product with good lighting and from different angles. Ideal for products where looks are a major draw: jewelry, art, some tech gadgets…
  • How-to videos rely on effective scripts to walk viewers through step-by-step guides that teach your customers how to achieve certain tasks with your product— ideal for products with lots of functions or in-depth implementation.
  • Installation videos give your customers the ability to deal with your product’s technical issues—in particular, how to assemble it or set it up. Perfect for products that involve user input to work, like Ikea furniture. 

Exploring the Potential of a Good Story with Explainers

Explainer videos have perfected the art of communication. They combine all the artistic forms—visual animation, storytelling, and music—to create an engaging piece that addresses your audiences’ interests and pain points.

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There are no fixed rules for creating a compelling explainer video, except this: going for shameless promotion with them would be a waste of their potential! 

One of the things that make explainers so powerful is precisely their subtle effectiveness. Use the style to start a fresh and direct conversation with your audience by focusing on issues that concern them, and how you can help. 

Framing A Problem to Introduce A Solution with Explainer Videos

Look at how this character animation explainer video begins by establishing a situation common for anyone who’s been in charge of large groups: how to solve the problem of attendance and communication between teams. 

It’s not until the midpoint of the piece that they introduce the product’s attributes—and once they do, they go into detail. However, it is because they developed a clever narrative and a compelling character – setting up the issue at stake – that the message gets across the way it does.

Character animations like that are especially effective to establish relationships with customers at the top and middle of the conversion funnel, but aren’t the only type of explainer videos out there! 

  • Motion graphics reduce abstract information such as numbers and statistics to simple movement and color designs. Ideal for involved solutions often found in financial services, for example.
  • Whiteboard animation takes your audience through a whole process by literally sketching the visuals in front of their eyes. Perfect when your product involves complex processes or abstract concepts, as some software platforms require.

Using the Wisdom of Past Customers with Testimonials for eCommerce Videos

Some audiences understand both the problem they face and how your product can address it. But they still lack reliable information to validate your solution – or your platform. That’s why many people seek other customers’ reviews: they are an important resource to learn from others’ opinions.

Testimonial videos take that to the next level, providing a fresh, evenhanded perspective on your product from an unbiased third party. These videos showcase customers who already engaged with your brand, giving commentary— usually in the form of interviews —about their personal experience and how the benefitted from your help.

Testimonials are particularly useful for boosting brand trust at the latter stages of a sales funnel. Your brand gains credibility when you have customers describing processes and benefits their perspective. Also, a well-made testimonial comes off as an authentic somewhat spontaneous account, which goes a long way nowadays. 

Tips for producing top-notch testimonials

The testimonial style has been around for a while now, so you are probably already familiar with what it takes to make a good one – whether you know it or not. It’s is good to point out, though, you should always use real customers, and that cool inserts and edits are essential to make them interesting.

Other than that, here are a few general principles you’ll want to follow for eCommerce testimonial videos.:

  • Make it a conversation. Even though it’s important to prepare the topics to discuss, you should always give customers the chance to express themselves with honesty and at length.
  • Avoid overly prepared instructions. The more natural the conversation, the more credible it will appear to others.  When you plan the interview, it’s a good idea not to give fully detailed questions but broad topics to discuss in a friendly environment.
  • Use a diverse range of views whenever possible. Your goal is that your prospects see how a wide variety of people with different interests have equally benefitted from your solution.

In Summary

Video content is a powerful force in digital marketing today because it is a dynamic tool to boost trust with your prospects. To increase trust with your brand, you should really pay attention to your audience’s context and need for reliable information about your product. 

With product videos, you can clear the most ambiguities about how your product looks and works. Explainer videos help you to simplify ideas that are important (even pressing) to your audience. Lastly, with testimonials, your prospects can learn valuable information from the success stories of your past customers. If your team is not ready to produce these kinds of videos, you can always get help from the best eCommerce agencies.

In short, video’s the answer you need to address those customers that are still a bit skeptical about the value (we are sure) you can give them.

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