Uplers CEO, Jaymin Bhuptani: Rethink and Refresh Your Hiring Model

Uplers CEO, Jaymin Bhuptani underlined the process of hiring and retaining talent, leading businesses to rethink their talent acquisition strategy.

The harrowing cocktail of the present climate and the current economy has organizations grasping at straws with regard to their hiring process. As we head towards the tail-end of 2020, the stats are only partly capturing the lethal magnitude of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 14.7% unemployment rate, causing 53% of 234 companies in the country to revamp their talent acquisition plans.

Organizations have been made aware of their Achilles’ heel – a terrible inaptitude of fail-safe measures that provides them with both time and money while keeping their operations intact and the workforce safe. Under the brunt of the economic backlash, businesses are subsequently realizing the importance of being fluid in their approach when it comes to hiring and retaining talent, leading them to rethink their talent acquisition strategy.

This effect arrives on the back of a combination of a few actors, the foremost of them being the astronomical rise in remote work.

While a benefit usually reserved for C-level suite workers in the pre-pandemic world, it was still a widely-followed practice with at least 4.7 million people, or roughly 3.4% of the U.S.A’s total workforce, working from home for half the week. Now, with the pandemic having catalyzed that figure exponentially, 88% of organizations have moved to allow employees to work from home.

This has led to a major shift in the recruiting paradigm. New trends have emerged, and forward-thinking companies are jumping on the bandwagon to secure the right talent for themselves. With talent at a premium, organizations are moving to source them from social media sites. In fact, 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruiting purposes, while 49% of employers have used it reported an improvement in candidate quality.

It has provided employers with a diverse talent pool of top candidates. Not only that, it has also essentially opened the doors to the foremost trend of recruiting, i.e., hiring dedicated teams from offshore partners for better employee retention and loyalty, high productivity, and improved business outcomes.

Says Jaymin Bhuptani, CEO of Uplers:

The sweeping effect of the pandemic will define the IT services market in the time to come where business success will mostly depend on offshore providers, and providers using offshore resources. It will also require coming up with solutions while keeping in mind critical client capabilities impacted by COVID-19 so as to prepare for potential such unforeseen scenarios beforehand by building flexibility into contracts and global delivery models.

Harboring countless benefits over onshore/in-house teams like greater access to intellectual capital, contract-based availability, and improved service quality, offshore teams have also emerged as a real bargain to the traditional onshore development model. Its contract-based nature has also effectively done away with the extra burden in the form of managing employee salaries and suitable infrastructure for businesses.

With the world of work evolving at a breakneck pace, it falls upon the top brass to recognize the sands of change and revise how they attract, recruit, and retain talent. Uplers has been at the forefront of revolutionizing offshoring experiences and is globally recognized among outsourcing agencies.

With 7+ years in the field and having created seamless offshoring experiences for 7000+ clients with digital, marketing automation, and web development needs, Uplers has been scripting success stories for businesses both before and after the pandemic. Enabling the creation of better digital ecosystems, Uplers has ushered in a new age of offshoring with its most crucial tenet at the center of its operations: a fully-integrated, value-added extension of your in-house team.

About Uplers

Uplers is a global digital services provider offering end-to-end web, design, digital marketing, and other services to businesses across 52+ nations. Renowned among global circles as a top talent provider, Uplers has been helping organizations build efficient remote teams to fulfil scaling needs and achieve business success through its innovation, processes, and people.

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