Tzu & Co. Created a Multilingual Website for ANCA

Tzu & Co. created a new, customer-centric, multilingual website which brings all three ANCA product ranges to a single site to showcase their global capabilities.


ANCA CNC Machines are a market leader of high-quality CNC tool and cutter grinders. They are part of the ANCA Group and have sister companies ANCA Motion and Tinfish.

ANCA is a ‘small giant’ – established in Melbourne, Australia in 1974, it now operates across seven continents, employing around 600 people, has won over 25 industry awards and have 2,500 customers globally in 45 countries, including brands such as Samsung and SpaceX.


The Challenge

A lack of digital strategic direction: ANCA wasn’t sure the role digital should play in helping deliver it’s Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

A broken ‘front door’: ANCA Group had three different, non-responsive websites, with multiple different internal and external stakeholder needs, for different types of stakeholders and business challenges- from driving new sales, to attracting the best in class talent.

Furthermore, their existing website suite didn’t represent the successful ANCA business and brand. Each website was built on a different, redundant and unsupported CMS platform; all of which made the management of content and customisation difficult and costly. Their website added little value to any stakeholder, yet was generating significant industry traffic by virtue of its well-respected brand.


What Did Tzu Do

Tzu led a digital health check phase (LOAD), in order to identify the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities within ANCA’s people, process and platforms, and align these to the needs of the company and the customer through a customer-centric research project.

Through CX component Tzu interviewed and researched the various stakeholders across the globe, mapping their needs to their current experiences and expectations, and matching that to the desires of the ANCA business group.

Once the different needs, motivations and behaviours of the stakeholders were established, Tzu then led a strategic development phase, which resulted in an executable roadmap to follow to ANCA’s desired future state.

One core component of this roadmap was a customer-centric website, that solved the challenges of the various stakeholders, business units and the overarching group.

Tzu hosted a tender seeking an agency to meet the needs of the website project. Kudos Web was selected, leveraging Kentico as the secure, scalable and user-friendly CMS.

Several of the key action items from the strategic roadmap have been delivered, including the new website.


  • A new customer-centric, multilingual website which brings all three ANCA product ranges to a single site to showcase their global capabilities to customers, talent and other stakeholders.
  • Content that took a 3rd party 4 weeks to a turnaround is now being completed internally within 1 week.
  • Sales enquiries have increased.
  • New talent enquiries have increased.
  • Community and community engagement have grown.
  • Increase in pre-tradeshow demand (essential for the final purchase decision).

About Tzu & Co.

Tzu & Co. is an independent, solutions-agnostic digital strategy and marketing consulting firm that specialises in helping large slower-moving legacy organisations.