Twitter Users Heart The New “Like” Button

The new heart icon on Twitter brings in a 6% rise in activity on the social network!

As it turns out, twitter users have taken the new button to heart…

Last week, Twitter nixed its golden star in favor of heart, along with a terminology shift from “favorite” to “like,” in order to make Twitter “easier and more rewarding to use.”

This move was announced in its official blog post, which in turn lead to a furor of controversy erupting on the internet over the shift.

Surprisingly, there has been a favorable uptick in activity on Twitter, since the brand abandoned its star button.

Kevin Weil, Twitter’s SVP of product, shared data on the hearts’ performance vs. the star at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco. He announced that the company has seen a 6% increase in activity since it made the switch.

He then explained that the 6% increase was just for existing users. New users embraced the new heart-shaped button even more, with activity increasing 9%.

You can revisit the talk on Periscope:

Weil attributes the increase to simplicity, saying a heart is easier to understand, which given the ubiquity of Facebook’s “like” function, holds true.

Kevin Weil said,

We put a lot of thought into a change as fundamental as replacing star with heart. The heart is a very universal symbol it’s a much more inclusive symbol.

Statistics and fluffy speech aside, the new heart icon can be limiting. There is an undeniable incongruity to “liking” certain tweets.

However, for all those who prefer the red organ to the yellow celestial body, you are in luck. It looks like the infamous ❤ button has won itself some hearts and is here to stay.

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