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Twitter Introduces New Algorithm In A Timeline Redesign

Twitter just got itself a new algorithm and Twitter users a new timeline!

The social network announced on its official blog that its rolling out a new algorithm, which redesigns your Twitter feed to place tweets on the top based on relevancy, rather than chronology, in a suspiciously Facebook newsfeed-like imitation.

Despite having met a lot of uproar, as does every change on the giant social networks, Twitter’s live-feed in the reverse-chronological timeline is here to stay, to relieve every worrying user.

Algorithm What Now?

Twitter’s introducing a new algorithm that will hand-pick the best tweets according to their engagement, and put them smack on top of your timeline, for you to not miss out on the best it has to offer.

The change is strictly opt-in, you can only see the feature if you manually activate it in your account settings, however this will change in a few weeks when your timeline will shift by default, according to the new algorithm.

However, worry not for you can opt-out and go back to your original timeline should you so wish by tweaking your settings.

The Face Of The New Timeline

For all those imagining what your new timeline will look like, once you enable “Show me the best tweets” from settings, you may seen a bunch of Twitter-picked tweets at the top of your timelines each time you get into the app. The number of tweets vary from user to user, depending on their horde of followers.

Refreshing the page, will take you back to your live tweets in chronological order, with your “Best Tweets” dominating the top half of your home-page.

Twitter New Algorithm Timeline Redesign

Best Tweets, Whose To Say?

According to Twitter’s ad blog your best tweets get selected in the following way: “We look at accounts they interact with, Tweets they usually engage with, interests, and what’s going on in their network.”

While the new move may seem similar to the feature “While You Are Away” launched by Twitter over a year ago, that gives you a tweet recap for your missed time from Twitter, this feature will always display your Best Tweets on top, prioritizing your recent tweets.

“While You Are Away” is a tragic failure and hopefully, for Twitter’s sake, this new feature won’t be.

The new algorithm came at a good time for the company, with its stock on an ever-low; introducing a new feature, might keep our Twitter bird chirping for longer.

Only time will tell about the new algorithm’s success, but for now Twitter is here to tell you who said it best!

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