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Treasure Truck By Amazon Has Launched In Seattle

Amazon has a new vintage idea up its sleeve – It’s bringing back the Treasure Truck, as part of the brand’s mobile shopping app.

The marketing-genius company, Amazon reveals its new project and it is so very simple that we don’t need to dissect the entire idea from the start.

The patent for the project Treasure Truck is issued today which covers the ornamental design for heavily-modified truck. The truck is full of discounted goodies and makes deliveries to a few select locations in the Seattle area for now, as its the center of the retail universe.

Let’s watch the video, here:

The items are curated for the most-wanted things by accessing user experience data. If you are using the Amazon Mobile app, -with your permission-, you just get notified when the Treasure Truck is in your neighborhood. All you need to do is tap the item that you want to purchase, choose one of the day’s pick-up locations, and simply buy the item you want.

The coolest feature of the app is its location service. If you’re close to the Truck, you may receive a notification letting you know its great offers and bargains.

This seems to be a simple project, but the idea is original and 100% user-engaging. If the interactions for the project will increase, it will be serious fun for the project to spread out to other states as well.

A clever idea that mixes mobile technology with the old-school ice-cream truck. A fantastic marketing strategy! 

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