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Touching Masterpieces – The Unique VR Experience For The Blind And Visually Impaired At National Gallery Of Prague

Sculptural masterpieces become visible to the blind and visually impaired thanks to amazing VR technology.

Developed by Geometry Prague and NeuroDigital in collaboration with the Leontinka Foundation, the new “Touching Materpieces” exhibit at Prague’s National Gallery in Holesovice, provides a unique VR experience for the blind, using haptic gloves.

As it’s shared on the official website, 3D models are modified from laser scans of the original masterpieces by developing unique UV unwraps and re-topology, adding necessary extra levels of texture to create a real tactile experience.

Barbara Hucková, executive director of the Leontinka Foundation, said:

Blind children are usually taught in school with relief aids and tactile pictures that far from accurately reflect reality. This new technology is an incredible breakthrough allowing pupils to touch what was absolutely unattainable before.

Geometry Prague creative director Julia Dovlatova, said:

Through curiosity, pursuit of innovation and a passion for creativity, we realized that specially-adapted haptic technology could open doors to a unique art experience for the blind. Our collaboration with NeuroDigital helped us fine tune haptic gloves to ‘see’ art through virtual reality touch.


The exhibit is not only open for blind but also all visitors who would never miss a chance to feel Michelangelo’s David, the Venus de Milo or the bust of Nefertiti. The 3D images of the artwork from the exhibit are also available for download if you have the necessary VR equipment and keen to experience it at home.

“Touching Masterpieces” has launched during two-day exhibition at the National Gallery’s Convent of Saint Agnes in Prague. Here you can follow up the Gallery’s website for upcoming exhibiton dates.

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