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Top Tactics For A Highly Converting Landing Page

A landing page is essentially a web page which stands on its own in order to help an advertising campaign reach its goal.

Landing pages are purely designed to focus on ensuring users convert and don’t get distracted in the process. To put it simply, if you’re running your own PPC campaign, then a landing page should be considered mandatory in order to make sure it generates the best outcome.

You can completely tailor your landing page to suit your target market, rather than leaving it all to chance by sending them to the home page with no clear purpose.

So, if you understand the excellent benefits that landing pages offer, the next step is to implement one into your campaign. Where do you begin? What makes the perfect landing page?

Here are 6 elements which I believe should be considered when creating a landing page – these will be sure to make conversion rates soar through the roof!

Don’t be afraid to show prices

There is a common misconception that showing prices will immediately put a user off enquiring. However, this isn’t always the case. If you charge a fixed price or are promoting a special offer, then you shouldn’t be ‘afraid’ to show these off.

Showing off your pricing options immediately increases your close rate, as users will already know what they’re signing up for. There will be no hidden surprises which may put them off further down the line.

By simply including your prices, you’ve already had one of the most important qualifying questions answered without even speaking to the user. As you can see below, 8% of the clicks were straight on the pricing button, proving how they can encourage instant conversions.


Think about using video

Video has become one of the most powerful pieces of content in recent years, suggesting that it’d be a pretty logical idea to include one on your landing page. Not only will using video increase the duration of time a user is on your page, it’ll be able to portray a stronger message that you are trying to get across.

Video allows you to explain a service in full detail, and can be made far more exciting than a standard piece of text. With over 50% of people watching a video every day, it’s clear to see the appeal in including one on your landing page.


Think carefully about the copy

Essentially, a landing page is there to persuade a user to convert. However, it could be the most visually-appealing landing page ever created. But, if the copy isn’t just as persuasive, you’re going to lose a lot of leads. Take time thinking about the structure and language used in your copy – it’ll make the world of difference. Remember: be strong, create impact, increase conversions.

Call to actions!

Your call-to-action is going to be the last thing a user interacts with when converting with your landing page. The secret is to make it short, sweet, and obvious. No user is going to want to search for a call-to-action; they’ll simply bounce if they aren’t persuaded to click. There are some rules we live by at my SEO agency, which I have shared with you below.


Give them a treat

When a user converts on your landing page, it’s nice to divert them to a ‘thank you’ page. This adds a slightly more personal touch to the conversion and also reassures them that they have completed the action.

Not only this, but a ‘thank you’ page provides you with a great opportunity to give the user a valuable asset which will make them like you even more. Whether it be a newsletter, helpful guide, free trial or an insight into the industry – it’ll be sure to build further trust and make the user feel more worthy. Stand out amongst competitors and give your converters something a bit special.


Build trust with testimonials

Testimonials and case studies are important in all campaigns, meaning they certainly shouldn’t be forgotten about when creating your landing page. By providing case studies and short testimonials, you are building a huge platform of trust with the user.

They will want to know that the service you are offering works and works well. Providing them with testimonials will prove your skill and experience, making the chances of conversions much higher. Below is an example of a case study and testimonial Bulldog show off.



So, there you have it! Keep these tips in mind when you create your next landing page and you’ll be sure to see conversion rates higher than ever before.

If you want to learn some basics about how landing pages can help your business, then check out Bulldog’s explainer video!

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