Top Social Media Networks’ Demographics Revealed For 2017

The fact sheet of social media demographics in 2017 is revealed, so little time.

A couple of years show us that digital world is way beyond desktops, laptops and everything else that seems old-fashioned. Mobile and online frequency is increasing gradually and we’re not just using traditional platforms anymore.

Nielsen and Google researched for the demographic benchmarks of 2017 in detail so, we can have the information about who’s using social networks and for what purpose.

According to Hubspot, the report consists of the most used social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Reddit. The measurements are based on popularity, gender, range of age and frequent usage.

Let’s have a look at tracx‘s infographic below:


With this information, you can plan your annual social media strategy and reach your audience at their most crowded platforms. So, use it wisely to achieve your #goals! 

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