Top Influencer Marketing Agencies with Great Campaigns

Influencer marketing has recently been a significant player in the digital marketing industry. Digital agencies are here to support you with strategies. Influencer marketing is considered to be the new king of content, but what is it exactly?

Who is an influencer? What are the best influencer marketing agencies with effective campaigns? This article aims to answer all these questions and more. We have compiled the best influencer marketing agencies with effective campaigns in this article.

Influencers are the people who have gained organic followers or subscribers over time through social media platforms. They usually spend a lot of time and effort creating content appealing to their target audience. They actually create their own brand. When you ask influencers to mention your product/service through their channels and pay for it, it is called influencer marketing. This is the simplest explanation; however, not enough.

Influencers care about their followers and of course, get protective of their reputation, meaning that they would not be mentioning your product or service just for money. It should really mean something to the influencer. They have to believe in it. Therefore, it is very important to find an influencer who would think your product or service is beneficial so that they would suggest it to her/his followers.

Influencer marketing is a popular way to raise your brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, and drive your brand’s message to your buyer persona. Your ideal target audience is the influencers’ followers through different channels.

What Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Do?

There are different types of influencers with different types of followers or subscribers: micro-influencer, celebrity influencer, blog influencer, social media influencer, and key opinion leader (KOL). Briefly, an influencer marketing agency will help you to find the perfect influencer who has followers similar to your marketing persona.

An influencer marketing agency helps you to create your marketing strategy by considering different variables such as coming up with your campaign goals, specifying your campaign audience, setting your budget, choosing the respective influencer, reviewing the influencer’s work, aligning with the influencer, finalizing campaign expectations, rewarding your influencer and measuring the success.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies with Effective Campaigns

An influencer marketing agency is a bridge between you and the influencer. You wouldn’t like to be on a bridge that is likely to fall down. Therefore, you should be careful with the agency you will work with.

These agencies are the experts who specialize and have experience in creating an influencer marketing strategy considering the best for you and the influencer. We have compiled the best influencer marketing agencies with effective campaigns:

  • Brave Bison
  • Digital Business Lab
  • CEEK Marketing
  • SLT Consulting
  • Soap Media
  • LOOP
  • Social Media 55
  • Insil

Brave Bison

Brave Bison inspires audiences with bold social content – for their clients, partners and their own media brands. Their talent managers exclusively find influencers for the projects they’re working on, combining their knowledge with data from their data partners to find and collaborate with the most genuine, engaging, and diverse talent available.

Brave Bison,  one of the top top influencer marketing agencies

Brave Bison’s universe is a global community of 158 million followers, generating billions of views every single month. This gives them real-time insight into what’s working, right here and right now. 

The agency has a network of premium YouTube channels that they manage and for clients that include Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Uber Eats, and Uniqlo.

They know how to deliver the right content, influencers, creators and strategies to excite audiences, worldwide. 

Digital Business Lab

A Hong Kong-based social media agency Digital Business Lab collaborated with Polaroid to raise its brand awareness via influencer marketing.

They applied an innovative social media strategy, including video production, micro-influencer marketing, social media content and advertising.

Thanks to Digital Business Lab’s influencer marketing strategy, Polaroid’s online reach has increased by 87% in a short time period!


CEEK Marketing

CEEK is regarded as one of the best influencer marketing agencies in the UK with a large network of industry influencers and years of experience managing influencer marketing campaigns.


To maximize return on investment, CEEK collaborates with clients to define specific and measurable marketing deliverables.

CEEK has established itself as the go-to influencer marketing agency in London and around the world, thanks to an unmatched database of the best influencer talent on the planet.

As one of the top influencer marketing agencies with great campaigns, CEEK works with brands to help them tell their story to the right people on the right social media platforms. They analyze competitors and audiences using their specialized OCMX methodology, then plan and develop content with best-in-class execution and reporting. Tinder, FIAT, Peter Street Kitchen, and Diet Starts Tomorrow are among their clients.  

SLT Consulting

A female-led, strategy-driven influencer marketing company, SLT Consulting has a passion for consumer goods companies that genuinely care about growth and purpose. One of the essential marketing tactics of the modern day is influencer marketing.

However, one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience in the congested social media landscape is by partnering with the proper influencer marketing agency. With its award-winning team, they offer services including digital performance strategy, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and so much more.

Soap Media

Manchester-based influencer marketing agency Soap Media can draw the perfect influencer marketing strategy for you. Their steps include understanding your brand and culture, making competitor analyses, identifying your personas, contacting the right influencer for your project, implementing and reporting.


With offices in New York, Sydney, Berlin, and Copenhagen, LOOP is a bold-thinking creative digital agency working for leading brands worldwide. They have great projects that shows their expertise in influencer marketing.

They have run a campaign with PUMA, called #RunTheStreets. This campaign actually connected influencer marketing with social media storytelling. They have created content for more than 12 influencers who are one of a kind in their major. PUMA stands out through these influencers’ storytelling.

They have got over 60 million video views with a very diverse audience.

Loop, one the best influencer marketing companies

Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is an award-winning digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Montreal.

Although their name makes you think that they are doing only social media marketing, they are actually a full-service digital agency. As for influencer marketing, they can support you with all types: micro-influencers, bloggers and content creators, KOL (key opinion leader) and celebrities.


Tym & Co. contacted Sydney-based digital agency Insil for an influencer campaign. They wanted to increase their brand awareness and engagement with consumers.

With the impressive results, they got over 976,000 targeted content views with 16x ROI (return on investment).


That was the list of top influencer marketing agencies all around the world with great case studies. If you want to use influencer marketing for your brand, it is highly recommended that you consult the experts, influencer marketing agencies, who are already good at it.

How Influencer Marketing Agencies Can Reach Out to Your Buyer Persona?

Influencers know really well what their own followers are exactly looking for, what problems they suffer from, and what solutions they need. This fact leads them to be a good point of contact to recommend something.

Their subscribers or followers feel close to these influencers, follow them, and wonder what products they are using, which places they go to for specific activities, what they eat/wear/think. Really effective! People respect the influencers so much that they can shape their consumption and lifestyle according to influencers.

If you plan to be realized by more potential clients or readers, you should analyze your target audience in the first place. That is the key point. You need to find the respective influencers to reach out to your own buyer persona after specifying them. This is where you start to need an influencer marketing agency.

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