Top Healthcare Marketing Agencies in Canada With Impressive Case Studies

The healthcare industry of our age is driven by patients given that they can reach so much information through the internet, paying a visit to the closest hospital is not a thing anymore. That is why serious effort is needed to attract the patients’ attention.

Having a well-designed healthcare marketing strategy will help you to carry your practice above the others. Through healthcare digital marketing you can reach new and loyal patients around, establish and nurture close relationships with your current and potential patients.

As an affluent country, Canada has a decentralized and well-functioning healthcare system. We have gathered the top healthcare marketing agencies in Canada to help you discover their expertise in coming up with the most effective marketing tactics.

Best 8 Healthcare Marketing Agencies with Various Projects in Canada

Major Tom

Based in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York, Major Tom is a full-service agency leading the industry since 2000. Combining the top-level strategy with the implementation and wide technological capabilities, the agency’s motto is to cut through the noise and help organisations find clarity in a complex landscape.


Offering services such as digital strategy, brand strategy, eCommerce strategy, research, and business consulting, Major Tom successfully connects its customers’ audience, brand, and business objectives and comes up with strategies that bring success. These qualities give Major Tom a competitive edge in healthcare marketing services in addition to many more sectors.

Search & Gather

Search & Gather is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency specializing in paid search and landing page optimization. After understanding their clients’ goals, they develop customized digital strategies to achieve them.


Search & Gather helped The Spring Loaded Technology, the health technology firm that invented the world’s first bionic knee brace. As a result, the firm’s performance was improved across their digital marketing platforms thanks to creative marketing and audience testing by the agency.


BSTRO is a creative digital marketing agency located in Vancouver, San Francisco, and New York. The agency has a wide range of services: Insights & Strategy, Design & Storytelling, and Technology & Development are among BSTRO’s areas of service.


BSTRO successfully utilizes data, storytelling, and technology to please its customers. With the help of its dynamic and nimble team, the agency also proved its expertise in healthcare digital marketing by having partnered with British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.

Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. We can say that this agency has found the perfect balance between local and global, serving in many locations in the US and Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. The team consists of experts at designing business websites that deliver brand messages in innovative ways.

Social Media 55 offers social media advertising, endorsement, management and one of the best social media agencies in Toronto. The team is successful in nano-targeting and healthcare marketing is among their niche-specific marketing services. On their website, the agency also gives Marketing Tips for Doctors and Physicians to help them increase their opportunity for new patients, build confidence, and foster loyalty.

AntiSocial Media Solutions

Founded in 2014 in Vancouver, AntiSocial Media Solutions is a digital branding and marketing agency that grows the online presence of companies across Canada and internationally. The agency has a range of services including social media, content marketing, photography, video production, branding, graphic design, website development, search engine optimization, media buying, online advertising, and consulting.

Given that storytelling through social video production is among the main strengths of AntiSocial, the agency seems quite promising in the healthcare industry as it can easily grab the patients’ attention by sharing humane stories about healthcare agencies.

Massive Media

Massive Media is a brand + experience design agency for those with ambition that serves in Vancouver alongside two other locations in Canada.

They worked with Contextual Genomics which is a growing bioinformatics company. Contextual Genomics needed a brand and website that would resonate with each of their distinct audiences, including researchers, doctors, patients, and investors.

They had to reflect the company’s expertise and set Contextual Genomics apart from the crowd. With a global genomics market predicted to reach more than 25 billion USD by 2022, keeping up meant positioning Contextual as the optimistic, bold, and future-facing innovators they are.


With over 40 years of combined staff experience in the design, web development, and marketing fields, BragDeal is one of the leaders in Vancouver in terms of web design, branding, marketing, and SEO solutions, business consulting, and improvement. 

One of the case studies of BragDeal involves their partnership with CloudMD which helps customers to get in touch with a health care professional faster than go into the clinic. BragDeal designed a unique and modern healthcare website for CloudMD and developed a responsive mobile version of it. The agency also came up with an effective branding strategy that helped CloudMD thrive.


Founded in 2014 by Sarah Thompson and Sheldon Stenning, ThompsonStenning Creative Group offers professional and discerning design services to local and international civic and non-profit organizations. According to the agency’s website, strategic insight meets thoughtful community-oriented design.


One of the customers of the agency is PAI (Champions of Global Reproductive Rights) that advocates policies that put women in charge of their reproductive health. ThompsonStenning also partners with a global health non-profit to provide board book materials.

Health technology is evolving fast, so are the needs of patients. The healthcare agencies in Canada above demonstrate that having creative and up-to-date marketing tactics will help you thrive in the healthcare industry. You are welcome to visit these agencies’ webpages to find the healthcare agencies which address your specific needs.

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