Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Agencies in the USA with Successful Case Studies

The healthcare industry is evolving with technology. Patients are using the internet for searching illness symptoms, doctors and more. The industry needs to build their patients’ trust online first. Traditional advertising methods are changing and even your website design is an essential element for approaching people in 2020.

Healthcare industry is very competitive and digital marketing can be the way for differentiating yourself from the crowd. Also, the industry have its own terminology, phrases and approaches. So, you can’t just hire a digital agency based on their case studies for other industries. Because of these pain points, there digital agencies which are expertise in the healthcare industry.

Best 6 Healthcare Agencies in the USA

We listed the best healthcare digital marketing agencies in USA with their case studies from the industry. All of these agencies have proven expertise with their previous works.

9th Wonder

9th Wonder is a strategic marketing, media and ideas agency located in Los Angeles. From an audience, you’ve never considered utilizing technologies in a way that flies in the face of industry norms. The agency’s team finds and leverages opportunities that create immediate and long-lasting impact for your brand. Many brands on the healthcare industry don’t complete their digital transformation well and they need an agency like 9th Wonder for it. Their partnership with Western Dental proves it.

Western Dental serves more patients in the state of California than any other provider. In order to meet the online needs of their patients, their website needed a major overhaul.

9thWonder immediately began a deep discovery process, including competitive research, an SEO audit and usability testing on desktop and mobile for both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences. On the creative side, the agency designed and developed a fresh new look.

9th wonder western dental healthcare agency

Lastly, the new site was developed on a user-friendly enterprise-level CMS that integrated with existing systems and empowered the marketing team to begin easily making updates to the site even before launch.


The brands RNO1 support is positioned to be purposeful and powerful while also fluid and free-forming. They’re embracers of change. When they drive the change, a brand can connect with its audience, captivate the hearts and minds of customers, and convert cross-channel. Healthcare is one of the most rapidly evolving industry with technology. The needs of the industry fit very well with what RNO1 provides.

rno1 healthcare agency partnered with healto

Healto is a health tech startup evolving healthcare systems for the modern world. Designed with a data edge & human element, they create Health Solutions Shaped For You. RNO1 partnered with the Senior-Marketing and Product Team to first clearly understand Healto’s target market audience.

Then develop personas alongside a new brand identity, visual design system and language that represented the progression of healthcare systems impacted by radical technology adoption, with a very clear human element.


The world has gone digital, and Aumcore with it. The agency’s team of Strategic Thinkers, Content Creators, and Innovative Technologists are so fully integrated into the latest innovations and technology, that digital is their native language. Aumcore’s one of the interesting case studies is from the healthcare industry and it proves they are capable of working other brands from the industry.

Restat wanted to enhance their members’ everyday lives by developing a tool which would create some transparency around prescription services and design a member-focused experience. A tool that would allow users to easily manage their own prescriptions, including personal history, pharmacy prescription pricing comparison, and convenient locations directory, all in one. Stress-free Rx management? Just what the doctor ordered.


The product of Aumcore’s brainchild was a one-of-a-kind user experience, where users could seamlessly navigate the best prices for branded or generic drugs at pharmacies closest to them. The user could now have a full understanding of their medication with a visual of the pill itself, uses, side effects, and instructions for proper use. All in the very first customized Restat mobile app, which achieved both their client’s goals and their customer’s need for a useful tool to take the stress out of medication madness.

AVX Digital

Marketing for the healthcare industry is not easy. Expertise in healthcare marketing is similar to the expertise of professionals who work in healthcare: experience and education help protect the strength of everyone involved. At that point, AVX Digital is one of the agencies in which you can be a partner. 

They work with physicians to go that extra mile in finding qualified leads. This is important for any given practice — knowing the types of insurance accepted and the types of cases accepted. By understanding the industry as a whole, AVX can leverage historical data from their past campaigns to understand how far patients travel for certain procedures, what types of conditions/treatments are most valuable to a physician, and what channels work best for marketing to them. 

In addition, they have the ability to run a Patient Match back Analysis to learn more about the leads that convert to patients.


Edenspiekermann,  an independent global creative agency, solves business problems with the design. Their research and data analysis of markets, audiences and trends provide a deeper understanding that is key to making your business work. Their previous experience in the healthcare industry makes easier for them to understand what you need and how can they solve your problems. The agency has offices in multiple cities and countries including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Berlin.

Let’s analyze their partnership with Helios Hospitals which is Erope’s leading private hospital operator with more than 100,000 employees, serving patients in over 150 hospitals in Germany and Spain. They were looking for a partner to manifest this offer in every aspect of service and user experience, external and internal communication, and in how they perceive their role when acting towards patients. 

One of the first milestones in our work with Helios was the definition of the new Helios brand core – based upon deep research into the needs of today’s patients who on one hand do not anymore see doctors as single sources of truth, question diagnoses and want to be treated as equals, and on the other hand expect successful medical care as a given.

In a decentralized organization like Helios, setting equal standards for all hospitals requires one central source of truth and exchange. Edenspiekermann integrated a digital design system and an automated component library into a digital brand playbook that holds all information necessary for marketers, designers, developers and copywriters.


Dentist Internet Marketing

We are listing experienced healthcare agencies in USA on this page but healthcare industry have many aspects including hospitals, operators, some techological solutions for patients. So if a dentist looking for more specialized approach for marketing there is an agency for it. 

Dentist Marketing will work for you to dominate your local area. How easy is that? They do all the hard work for you behind the scenes. Actions speak louder than words, that’s they prove it to you on a live video conference. 

You will find between fifty to one hundred dental clinics within a three km radius within the top fifty cities. In the U.S.,  this specific number is actually greater in metro cities. This information demonstrates the importance of digital marketing for dentists. 

Before reaching out to healthcare agencies you can check our marketing tips for the healthcare industry. Then you can analyze what you need better.

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