Top Digital Strategy Agencies in the UK with Impressive Case Studies

Businesses of every size have been affected by the pandemic and challenged to take a hard look at their digital strategies. Recent researches show that most of the C-level executives agree that digital transformation initiatives are a top priority nowadays. So we have listed the best digital strategy agencies in the UK for your business.

Almost every company dreams of growth and increased profitability. With the help of a digital marketing agency, your business can have a digital strategy that would provide a roadmap to dealing with uncertainty, the speed of change, changing customer expectations, and leveraging the right technologies to increase profitability.

Your brand should be reachable effortlessly via social media, search engines, and even emails. This requires SEO marketing, content marketing, email marketing, analytics, branding, web design & development, UI/UX design, and so forth.

Digital strategy consulting agencies offer you digital marketing strategies as a part of their core services. Depending on your business objectives, digital strategy agencies in the UK will guide you through your digital adventure and make sure you succeed online.

Digital Strategy Agencies in the UK with Successful Case Studies

We have researched numerous of the best digital strategy agencies in the UK with impressive case studies.

  • Crowd
  • KOTA
  • Hallam
  • The Brains
  • Propeller
  • The Charles
  • Wilderness Agency
  • Digital Uncut
  • Beyond
  • 303 London
  • Impression
  • The Good Marketer
  • Mayple


As one of the best digital strategy agencies in the UK, Crowd offers a range of marketing services that can help you reach your business goals.


They regularly provide results for their clients by bringing together an international team of professionals in important regions throughout the world, amplifying demand, and making allotted marketing budgets work harder.

Crowd, being one of the top strategic digital agencies in London continues to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations by applying the same scientific and analytical approach to all of their services.

This, combined with their best-in-class creative and technical delivery, helps them create outstanding campaign outcomes.



KOTA is a leading creative design agency specializing in web design, as well as branding, and digital marketing. Their expert team is made up of creatives with technical know-how, strategists who think outside the box, and developers who push innovation. They are experts in translating research and strategy into unique digital experiences for ambitious brands who aren’t afraid to question the status quo.

KOTA applied its web design expertise to transform the website of luxury SuperYachtsMonaco brokerage, as well as take the digital presence of tangerine, a global design agency, to the next level.

Some of their other noteworthy projects include the creative campaigns for Jamie Oliver’s bestselling books (including 7 Ways and VEG), as well as partnering with British Red Cross for the successful #OneKindThing campaign.

KOTA isn’t afraid to push boundaries and innovate, just like their clients. Get in touch with them to spice up your digital presence.


Hallam is a strategic digital strategy agency in the UK. They fuse precision with persuasion to achieve remarkable results for ambitious brands.

Hallam, Digital Marketing Strategy agencies in UK

Strategic. Creative. Intelligent.

Hallam combines the skills of their team across a range of digital specialisms to develop multi-layered, strategic campaigns that shout about what you do.

Hallam’s digital strategists will work with you to devise a plan that sets you up for long-term success. They’ll work in partnership with you to gain a deep understanding of what makes you tick – and where you want to be. Then they’ll create a digital strategy to help you get there.

The Brains

The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing strategy agency in the UK. They offer a full range of digital marketing services designed to help you grow faster online and boost ROI. The Brains has a tried-and-true strategy-setting approach that enhances ROI and supercharges your efforts. 


The Brains’ goal is to create a world-class digital strategy for clients. The agency’s employees are dedicated to helping businesses succeed, and they will give more data insights and training as needed. The Brains provides services to a variety of sectors. It is well-known throughout the world for its services. 


Propeller is a full-service digital agency with offices in London, Birmingham and New York. They have over 18 years experience in creating unique digital experiences.


Propeller’s digital marketing team specialise in creating unique, engaging and creative digital strategies for brands in London and abroad.

Every strategy starts with insight – the agency will help you understand your customers and the opportunities in the digital space. Their goal is to ensure that every digital decision you make is strategic and driven by a clear set of defined goals.

Propeller will work with you to create engaging digital marketing campaigns. They are a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team of 40 digital specialists proud to deliver outstanding work for amazing clients.

The Charles

The Charles is a full-service agency with offices in London, New York, and Chicago.

In order to set your digital strategy, The Charles will be developing a testing plan to understand more about the customer journey in all paid channels as well as rolling out a refreshed brand narrative and a media plan as one of the best digital strategy consulting firms in the UK.

The Charles collaborated with the American footwear brand Sam Edelman to establish a luxury-focused omnichannel approach.

They aimed to shift perception and drive awareness and conversion for the brand.

Their digital-first omnichannel campaign drove over 188,000,000 impressions over 4 months with a high click-through rate. Thanks to The Charles’ digital strategy, there were substantial increases in conversion rate on their eCommerce platform with high traffic surges resulting in strong eCommerce performance.

Wilderness Agency

Founded in 2015, Wilderness is an independently owned digital strategy agency in London that is going against the “big network” grain. The multi-awarded agency aims to build a culture that values its employees and encourages them to bring their best selves to work.


Actually, their works and the companies that they are partnered with do the talking. They supported INTERSPORT, one of the world’s biggest global sports retailers, with the creative ideation and production of more than 10 social-first creative campaigns across the year. They also brought Sir David Attenborough to Tik Tok driving engagement from a global youth audience as well as running ads on Snapchat in key markets. Despite COVID restrictions, they managed to drive over $500K in movie ticket sales and motivated a generation to take action against the climate issue.

Being one of the best digital strategy agencies in London, their combining strategy and hands-on approach, along with a true dedication has been highly praised among their clients.

Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is a data-led digital marketing strategy agency for scaling Startups.

Digital Uncut, one the best marketing strategy firm in UK for startups

Data is at the heart of every single marketing decision Digital Uncut makes.

Nothing beats the quick-thinking agility of a startup when it comes to efficiency. So you need an agency that thinks like you. That’s immediately in sync.

Digital Uncut’s iterative approach to campaigns and rapid-response times using Slack means they’re flexible and can work naturally as part of your team.


Beyond is one of the best digital strategy agencies in London that builds world-class products for the digital age. They have offices in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Beyond, digital strategy consulting firm

Beyond collaborated with Just Eat to transform Just Eat’s future vision and digital strategy.

Just Eat was worried about the new entrants and did not want to lose their place in the market.

Beyond conducted research to understand the experience relative to the competition. And, they used these insights to create a bold new vision that would beat the competition. On the other hand, they were very careful not to lose existing customers with big changes.

During the project, they focused on product experience, product differentiation, service design and technical architecture. With Beyond’s experience and knowledge in digital marketing, the results were very impressive.

303 London

303 London creative

303 is a creative-focussed digital marketing strategy agency that helps premium direct-to-consumer businesses to create and amplify their brand.

303 have been involved in a wide range of exciting projects; from content creation for established luxury brands to developing paid media strategies for rapidly growing direct-to-consumer businesses.

Agency’s approach to their work marries creative and digital strategies for the clients, ensuring campaigns engage, entertain and convert.


Impression is a multi-award-winning digital strategy agency with offices in London and Nottingham.

Impression, digital strategy agency in London and Notthingam

They know the importance of a successful digital strategy. Hereby, they take a fully consultative approach to you, getting to know your business and your goals.

Their strategic service typically comprises digital marketing audit, competitor analysis, strategic recommendations and audience development.

The Good Marketer

London-based digital strategy agency The Good Marketer offers content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing services in a cost-effective manner.

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer has experience in collaborating with a wide variety of small to medium businesses across the UK.

Of course, with successful stories! For example, Spanish cultural center Battersea Spanish has achieved a 219.55% increase in revenue and a 4.0 Facebook return on ad spend thanks to the digital strategies set by The Good Marketer.

You can schedule a call through their website to get more detailed information on their packages and how they design digital strategies for your business.


Mayple is a digital strategy agency with offices all around the UK and USA. They learn about your business needs before planning a tailored-made digital marketing strategy to reach your goals. Moreover, they are dedicated to providing you with good marketing results for your unique business needs.

In order to provide you with the best strategy, they assign a personal “Maypler” to you. Hereby, this dedicated person can escort you throughout the process. Also, they will make sure the strategy is simple to understand and includes everything your project needs.

You need to have a digital strategy planned to take your business to the next level. A great digital strategy is the core of all your digital existence. Hereby, you need a reliable digital agency which can offer you a great digital roadmap.

Now, you know which agencies you can work with considering your business objectives. If you would like to explore other agencies for different services, you can see our list of all the top digital agencies in London.

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