Top 9 Sales Automation Tools for Startups in 2020

Best sales automation tools help startups increase revenue and go beyond their global competitors. Those tools are essentially software-based solutions for your team with the advantages of saving time and maintaining better after-sale customer relationships.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important innovations in recent years. It can be embedded in any tool and requested to do some work to boost productivity. Sales automation AI can perform many of your manual tasks and facilitates your work.

Sales automation system enables you to increase productivity by providing you with the time to pay attention to more challenging tasks. If you automate most of your essential tasks performed regularly with the sales automation tools, you will have more time to go further with other pressing tasks.

Here is a list of top 9 sales automation tools for startups to help increase sales and to boost the bottom line of their business:

Hubspot Sales

hubspot sales automation tools

Hubspot opened its doors in 2005, and since then, they have been working for small businesses and startups to empower their business by taking confident steps. They have a platform uniting education, software, and community to help startups grow better and fast.

They aim to strive for marketing, customer services, sales and CRM. The sales department helps startups to organize their tasks in one place with their excellent sales automation software. Via their inbound philosophy in sales, you have an opportunity to create the sales process automation fitting your business with best practices.


outreach sales automation tools

You can make your team a revenue-driving machine with this outstanding platform. Outreach offers you more engagement with less effort employing their account-based sales automation system.

Outreach enables you to focus on selling instead of data entry as well as providing better data to manage your business. It has an efficient technology to boost productivity by optimizing your performance.


pipedrive sales automation tools

Pipedrive is an optimized CRM platform to automate repetitive administrative tasks and eliminate busywork thanks to artificial intelligence that it employs. It is one of the best sales automation CRM to help you recognize the right actions to take. If you are looking for the best CRM software for your business, you can also check out the article about the best CRM software for digital marketing agencies.

Pipedrive can manage deals, track communications, automate your tasks, and provide insights and reports for your business to grow.

Pega Sales Automation

pega sales automation crm

Pega Sales Automation can identify the hidden revenue of your business with artificial intelligence. Its sales automation AI can select the best leads and coach sales representatives while helping you grow and make progress in your sales.

It can drive retention, up-sell, cross-sell and repeat purchases to accelerate your sales. If you want to take smart steps to increase sales and boost your revenue, you should experience Pega Sales Automation that offers intelligent guided sales.


growbots sales automation ai

Growbots team is “on a mission to unlock growth potential for all businesses worldwide”.

Growbots is the only platform you need to automate outbound sales fully. It provides automatic prospecting with its self-updating database. It also offers integrations with leading sales automation CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Zapier.

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With its ambitious Customer Success Team doing their best for your business, you can identify what works to reuse and improve your performance by sharing best practices with your team.


sharpspring sales automation tools

Through the dynamic work of SharpSpring, you can build powerful automation rules to send your customers dynamic content or targeted e-mails based on their interests. It is one of the best sales process automation systems to help startups grow their business.

SharpSpring optimizes your sales and marketing with behaviour-based e-mails, campaign tracking, CRM, sales automation, and reporting the analytics with its easiest-to-use interface and unlimited support for the businesses.

prospect is a well-designed prospecting automation platform that enables the sales teams to reduce the time they spend on data entry tasks. It helps sales professionals deal with boring sales prospecting process. is a super-efficient lead generation tool for businesses. Through its powerful tools to speed up the process of building high-quality lists, you have the advantage of sending the right message to the right person. That is the most significant aspect of outbound sales.

Their team also analyzes your campaigns and helps your sales department see how their campaigns have performed. So, you can track your sales team goals and objectives to crush your sales quota.



Autoklose is built for entrepreneurs, sales and marketing. It helps your business target the right prospects by using its massive database with verified B2B leads from different fields. It also fine-tunes your campaigns and automates your sales process in order to engage the prospects and convert them into your customers.

You can monitor the performance of your campaigns and analyze the reports shown in your dashboard. With its friendly and straightforward interface, it is very easy and fast to learn all the features and save your time.



Freshsales is a fully-featured sales automation CRM that enables you to optimize your sales and marketing strategies. Work less and get more done with intelligent workflow automation.

It offers to maximize e-mails and to find out how they are performing with your prospects and contacts. Freshsales also automatically captures the visitors on your website and assign them to the right salesperson on your team.

On the contrary to some CRM in the marketplace, Freshsales requires minimum customization to make their platform easy to set up and use. Through Freshsales CRM, your team can use artificial intelligent-based lead scoring. Freshsales CRM system for small businesses is built to address challenges faced by growing business, and it is simple, pocket-friendly.

Final words

Although it can be challenging for startups and small businesses to get organized and generate revenue, sales automation tools and CRM can help them fix their sales process and gain visibility in the marketplace.

Sales automation software gives you a clear representation of your sales process and provides optimized performance to your team.

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