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Top 5 Inspiring TED Talks for Digital Marketers

Looking to acquire some useful digital marketing knowledge? These inspiring TED talks help you do just that and also promise to light up your day!

In the fast paced, digital world of today, we marketers need regular doses of inspiration to keep us motivated and creative.

We see a lot of online blogs with insightful advice and useful tips, but because we keep reading and writing along the same lines, after a while it all starts to blur and seem trite. Thus, making it very hard to find new and useful yet gripping content that teaches you a thing or two and leaves you feeling inspired. That’s where TED Talks come in.

By inviting brilliant speakers from all spectrums of life, covering every topic under the sun and crafting the best stories together, you get bouts of knowledge and inspiration without stifling a yawn or compulsively surfing on the internet.

Here’s our top favorite TED Talks videos for digital marketers, each of which guarantee to leave you with something special be it related to marketing, branding, or business, by breaking out of your typical learning process. Be warned, these videos may evoke tears, laughter, goosebumps, wide eyes, or all.

1. Renny Gleeson: “404, The Story of a Page Not Found”

It happens to each of us. We are happily surfing the internet, when we accidentally find ourselves on the 404 page – which is always and I mean always, a disappointment. Renny Gleeson gives us quirky examples of brands who use this not as a dead-end but as an opportunity – cushioning the 404 blow with humor, well-designed artwork or helpful guidance.

2. Andrew Stanton: “The Clues to a Great Story”

If you want to get some brilliant storytelling tips from the writer of all three Toy Story movies – all while laughing your head off – check out Stanton’s TED Talk below. Although, word of warning: he does use some not safe for work language!

3. Kevin Allocca: “Why Videos Go Viral”

Rebecca Black’s horribly awesome “Friday” made it to the top charts on YouTube. What about the “Nyan Cat” animation loose on a rainbow road? Ever wonder how in god’s name  did that happen?

Here’s an amusing talk by Allocca that provides you with the recipe of making viral videos, using hilarious examples – all to come to your aid the next time a boss or a client asks you to make a video “go viral”!

4. Sebastian Wernicke: “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (about TEDTalks)”

A real motivator for all those giving a presentation in the imminent future. Wernicke uses statistics to craft together the best and worst TED talks with a fun twist. Wernicke’s got a few tricks up his sleeves as he reveals smart pointers on selecting topics, words, and even mood lighting to knock your talk out of the park and even to make it flop – the latter for all those who enjoy being the target of rotten tomatoes.

5. Derek Sivers: “Weird, or Just Different?”

For all the content writers out there, know that there’s two sides to every coin. In his TED talk,  Sivers gives us a gentle reminder using some shocking examples, of what we deem normal might not apply to others who may have their own versions of what’s weird and what’s not. So be sure to explore all areas of the spectrum before sticking to one side. I mean hey, the whole world loves chocolate, doesn’t mean you do too. Right?

Who’s inspired yet? Go ahead and share your favourite TED talks!

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