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Top 2015 Year In Review Videos

A spotlight into the year 2015 in search, pictures, hashtags and videos by Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

As the year draws close, we take a lookback at 2015’s breaking news, trends, viral moments and burning questions…

Ranging from sad, silly, to serious and celebrity, these moments are captured in videos that promise to leave you stifling a laugh and at the same time, blinking back tears.

Presenting nostalgic moments, memories and stories that made 2015:

Google – 2015 In Search

An aim to illustrate who we are through the questions we asked on the search platform.

The two-minute video covers topics as diverse as the refugee crisis, the blue/gold dress, Black Lives Matter movement, Cecil the Lion, female engineers, discovery of water on Mars, gay marriage, Star Wars, the late Stuart Scott, David Letterman’s farewell, the pope’s U.S. visit – to a voiceover from Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance speech at ESPY Awards, and more.

It also looks back at the massively popular people (Lamar Odom tops two lists), musical artists (the ubiquitous Adele), politicians (yes, Donald Trump was No. 1) and TV shows (like the quiet drama Better Call Saul).

Here’s a look back at 2015, through the lens of Google search:

For an in-depth breakdown of everything from sports and current events to politics and entertainment, visit the Google Trends microsite dubbed “A Year in Search 2015.” The top searches of the year can be explored globally and even broken down into individual countries. 

Twitter – 2015 In Hashtags

A video that celebrates hope as well as darkness.

Twitter’s 2015 Year in Review film starts on a grave note, bringing back stifling memories of all the terrible things that took place this year. It runs us through the Paris attacks, drowning migrants, Charlie Hebdo case and the Black Lives Matter movement, giving us a rerun of all the events that made our hearts lurch, and question the world we live in.

However, darkness meets hope somewhere at the end of the tunnel, and the video launches into tweets of all the moments worth celebrating and creating a hype about: marriage equality, Caitlyn Jenner and the heated black/gold dress debate.

Here’s 2015 curated in words, tweets and hashtags:

To explore data on the most influential tweets, the most retweeted (the tweet from Harry Style’s about One Direction’s Zayn Malik departure is on top), plus Twitter trends and high profile “new voices,” visit Twitter’s 2015 website.

Facebook – 2015 In Pictures

This year-end video marks moments that brought us all together and calls for collective action.

The film recalls the top 10 most-discussed subjects of the year (U.S. Elections, Syrian refugees and the Nepal earthquake). It’s a slick collage of perfectly edited pictures and videos to the soundtrack of news reports, and stirring speeches by Viola Davis at the Emmy’s or Caitlyn Jenner – topics that got people talking and sharing on Facebook.

They are also some light-hearted moments thrown in for good measure including: blood moon, Star Wars, wild videos and sport victories highlights.

The film solemnly concludes with the global response to the Paris attacks and the motivating message “Let’s stand together in 2016.”

Here are top recaps from 2015 by Facebook and the responses they roused among you, me and everyone:

At the Year in Review website, you can explore more data in-depth, including some interesting top 10 lists (on topics like music, movies, politics and TV shows) measured  by how frequently a topic was mentioned on Facebook. 

YouTube – 2015 In Video

All things worth celebrating.

2015’s YouTube Rewind six-minute film is a brighter, more millennial-oriented take of 2015, showcasing its biggest stars while throwing some bona fide celebrities into the mix.

Set to remixes of some of the year’s biggest hits, it’s stuffed full of references to pop culture, viral music videos, plastic ball fights and obscure Latin America memes.

There are some recognisable stars like James Corden and John Oliver thrown in for the mainstream audience. A homage to the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels video runs throughout the film. In another fun section, there are many people (maybe too many) doing the “Nae Nae” dance routine set in five different time periods: the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1980s and present day.

Here are all the highs, the kicks, the moves, the people and the tunes that consumed 2015 and rocked it:

Unlike the other 2015 reviews, this upbeat, happy and colorful film celebrates YouTube’s 10th birthday, making 2015 look like a party on planet Earth.

YouTube released the video as part of new “Trending Tab” announcement that aids users in finding videos bubbling up in popularity so as to not miss out on the most-watched and talked-about gems coming up in 2016. 

Which Year-In-Review do you think captured 2015 best?

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