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Top 15 Creative Branded Instagram Videos

Kudos to all the brands for their creative use of the popular Instagram video feature.

Currently, videos on Instagram are all the rage!

We think the feature owes its success to its 15-30 second limit for the ads and visually appealing content by its users, requiring them to be creative and engaging in the short time-frame.

Here’s a round-up of some star brands that have taken to Instagram like pros and set the standards in creative branded videos for the rest of the world.


Whether you are car junkie or not, this ferocious clip by Audi with its incredible camerawork and Tokyo Drift style driving will leave you in awe!


This Halloween, Coca-Cola gives you the chills (literally). Your favorite source of tooth decay grows a werewolf hairdo. 

Careful, they sometimes run in packs. #WereCoke #HappyHalloween Coca-Cola (@cocacola) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()


We won’t blame you for insta-liking a video with a pair of ‘cosmic’ converse kicks floating through time and space. We know we did.


Cover your ears – this videos got some real mean, engine growls and wicked video editing!

Get excited. @FordPerformance has something special debuting at @SEMAShow next week. #Ford #FordPerformance #FordSEMA #SEMA2015 Ford Motor Company (@ford) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()

Go Pro

The video shows off GoPro’s Quadcopter drone and stabilisation system, and thankfully no bullets follow the guy on the quad bike.


Meet Plasma Bot – A lava-lamp inspired robot, all sci-tech and electrified. Isn’t this something to widen the eyes?

Jamie Oliver

This clip of someone who may or may not be everyone’s favourite chef proves that slow motion can make anything look entertaining…and mouth-watering. Who wants a blood orange?


Watch Colonel Sanders claim that fried chicken prolongs your life. Doubtful yeah? Although, we find the old goatee quite convincing!

The Colonel has something to say about birthdays. KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken (@kfc) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()


Here’s a highly likely scenerio: mankind perishes and the last man on Earth’s last words “At least we had Star Wars and Lego.” Yup, that would totally be my last words too.


Here’s how MTV does Halloween and defines “the-good-kind-of-spooky”.

Halloween is my Christmas | : @fforfakepictures MTV (@mtv) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()


Watch Jupiter in HD with NASA’s pet, Hubble telescope. You are welcome nerds!

New imagery from our Hubble Space Telescope is revealing details never before seen on Jupiter. High-resolution maps and spinning globes are the first products to come from a program to study the solar system’s outer planets each year using Hubble. The observations are designed to capture a broad range of features, including winds, clouds, storms and atmospheric chemistry. These annual studies will help current and future scientists see how such giant worlds change over time. Already, the Jupiter images have revealed a rare wave just north of the planet’s equator and a unique filamentary feature in the core of the Great Red Spot not seen previously. Credits: NASA/ESA/Goddard/UCBerkeley/JPL-Caltech/STScI #nasa #space #hubble #jupiter #hst #planet #nasabeyond #science

NASA (@nasa) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()

National Geographic

Experience dawn mist dramatically melting away above the ruins of Macho Picchu in a goosebumps-inducing, time-lapse clip…

Old Spice

Here’s a groovy clip featuring two dudes in an aftershave wrestle. One on a bike, one on a horseback, obviously. Gotta admit, Old Spice has tons of personality.

And so it begins. #teamtimber #teambearglove Old Spice (@oldspice) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()

Red Bull

Another gnarly point-of-view clip to give you the thrills. Warning: Not for the faint-hearted.


A beautiful, seasonal artistic time-lapse effort from Starbucks. #Prettythings. 

A huge thank you to artist @valeriemckeehan for her amazing work on this beautiful celebration of our new fall cup. #FallCup #Fall #ChalkArt #ad Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()

For all the brands who made this list. RESPECT!

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