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Top 10 iOS 9 Features In GIFs

Our favorite top 10 iOS 9 features compiled in a list of fun GIFs to try on your Apple device!

With smartphones consuming a surreal amount of time in our lives, it’s no surprise that a new operating system is getting us all pumped.

Following last week’s outpouring of Apple news, the Californian giant has officially released its latest software update for iPhone and iPad, the iOS 9. First announced in June, iOS 9 has a number of new iPad multitasking and quick type tools, as well as, new features such as Apple wallet that made a debut, and also a variety of useful under-the-hood performance enhancements.

In addition to a better battery life, the new update comes packed with a smarter Siri; one that is quick and ready to assist us and even propose suggestions. The new iOS also comes with more emojis (because one can never have too many of those).

The features range from practical, to fun, neat and even obvious at times (an intuitive shift key took so long? Earth to Apple).

Here’s a list of our absolute favorites:


With the iOS 9, browsing through your apps is like flipping through a deck of cards!

Double press the trusty home button to get to your apps that will spring up on the top left side of the screen and flip away!

app switching ios9

The New News App

Breaking news: The abhorred Newsstand is finally a thing of the past…

The new News app, a surprising feature, allows you to create a custom magazine tailored to your taste and preferences with major sources like The New York Times, CNN, ESPN etc – as well as smaller websites.

news app ios9

Search Before You Set

Want to avoid the maze menu to change settings? Sick of poring through each individual setting? Simply search!

Another feature that is far from revolutionary, but incredibly helpful. A quick and easy search can help avoid the tedious task of visiting each setting, hunting for your desired change. Not sure what took it SO long to appear.

searchable settings ios9

Siri Gets Opinionated

Scroll to the left from the home screen for a new, advanced, Spotlight service. It suggests who you may wish to call, as well as news and apps.

search ios9

Apple Catches The Selfie Fever

The newest update offers a whole new album dedicated to just selfies and screenshots. All you self-lovers, it’s time to rejoice!

selfie ios9

Search Smartens Up

The new built-in search feature is a game-changer. In addition to searching up the contents of your phone, now your phone can perform simple conversions and calculations by its own!

notifications settings ios9

Notes Get Richer

The notes share sheets allows you to embed websites, maps and photos to chart a to-do list. You can also now make quick sketches in your text with finger swipes and moves with a variety of pencils and colors to deck up your notes app, making it more useful than ever before.

notes ios9

Siri Photo Search Takes A Hike

Thanks to the digital assistant’s improved abilities, searching for photos taking in a specific location or a specific time, has become all the easier. Simply demand things like “Show me photos from last week” or “Show me photos taken in San Francisco” and watch Siri deliver.

siri search ios9

Transit Maps

Another feature greatly lacking in the former Maps app was transit directions. Well, no more!

The vastly improved Maps software uses real-time bus, metro and train information to make your journey all-the-more quicker. Transit will be available in a limited number of cities at first, including Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto and Washington D.C., as well as over 300 cities in China.

maps ios9

In Shift We Trust

We are all loving the subtle changes made to the standard iOS keyboard – but our favorite is the new Shift key. This may not be a ground-breaking feature, but it sure makes life easier to know when the caps is turned off and on with your keyboard in lower or uppercase letters. Finally!

shiftkey ios9

Which iOS 9 feature is your favorite?

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