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Top 10 E-Commerce Conversion Tips You Need To Know

Getting people to your online store can be a challenge in and of itself. Getting them to buy though, can be another matter entirely. If 100 people visit your store, 50 may actually browse your wares, 10 will add items to the cart, and maybe 2 will actually buy.

Here’s 10 e-commerce conversion tips that will help you increase those conversion rates.

1. Highlight What You Offer

The most important thing to do when a customer drops by your store is to show them what exactly you sell. Use the home page to display the different categories of wares you offer, or show off some of your more popular products. The more you can offer, the more interested customers will be.

2. Tell Customers About Yourself

Most companies don’t think their ‘about us’ page is important, but you’d be surprised. Tell the reader what you stand for, and what you’re all about. Many people will choose to shop with a company if they agree with their ethics.

3. Use Trust Signals

Show customers that you’re a company you can trust. Use customer reviews to show prospective customers what they’ll be buying, and allow them to leave their own when they’ve bought from you.

4. Remember To Cross Sell

You shouldn’t push a customer into buying another product, but it’s always a good idea to show them items they’d be interested in. If they’ve just bought something from you, they’re more likely to take a look at what you’re suggesting.

5. Use On Site Car Recovery

Carts get abandoned all the time, but you can save them. Try an onsite recovery system, where you offer customers money off if they complete the purchase there and then.


6. Use Online Tools To Create Your Copy

Good copy is essential to selling your products. If you need some help creating it, these tools can help:

UNBXD: This tool can help you create a personalised shopping experience for every shopper at your site.

Via Writing: Check your grammar with the handy grammar guides here.

Grade On Fire: Huffington Post in Dissertation Service feature recommends sites like this one for proofreading your content.

Search Spring: Make searching for what they want easier for your customers with this tool.

Paper Fellows: This writing agency can create excellent content for you.

State Of Writing: This site is full of helpful writing guides if you need advice.

Optimizely: Experiment with your site and how it works with this tool, so you can get the most out of it.

Assignment Help: The writers here can help edit and write converting content.

BounceX: Use this tool to look at your customers’ behaviour and work around the patterns you find.

Studydemic: Good writing resource from a lead tutor.

Cite It In: Use this tool to cite any sources you use in your writing correctly.

7. Don’t Try And Convert Everyone

It sounds like a good idea to try and convert 100% of your traffic, but in reality it just won’t happen. Instead, look at converting the visitors who fit your buyer profiles, as they’re much more likely to buy.


8. Encourage Social Sharing

When someone has just bought from you, they’re feeling good about you and what you offer. Now is the time to ask them to share their purchase on social media. It can help spread the word about the store, and you can even offer deals if the customer shares if you like.

9. Write Excellent Product Descriptions

Content expert John Lane at Elite Assignment Help says, “A good product description will go a long way towards getting you that sale. Make sure you’re writing descriptions that highlight the product benefits to customers, and speak to them directly.”

10. Look At Your SEO

SEO is important everywhere on your site, so look at how you’re targeting the right people with yours. If you’re bringing in a more interested audience, they’re much more likely to buy from you as a whole.

These top 10 tips will go a long way to improving your conversion rates. Put them to use, and you’ll see right away what a difference they can make. Give them a try for yourself, and watch your rates go up.

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