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Top 10 Brands That Owned Halloween 2015

A line-up of top 10 most memorable Halloween marketing campaigns of the year…

From black whoppers to virtual reality haunted houses, brands like Tesco, Airbnb, Target, Burger King etc. are all out to bewitch and delight the consumers on this holiday!

Here’s a round-up of our favorites from all the brands out to trick or treat:

Best Scare – Spookermarket
Brand – Tesco

As part of a social media campaign, the UK supermarket chain gave a spooky makeover to its store, hiding things designed to scare with hidden cameras capturing the after effect on its shoppers…

It also offered viewers advice on carrying out similar Halloween pranks with four other videos; how to paint a creepy clown face, how to make a horrible head in a jar, how to make chilling severed hands and how to carve a petrifying carved pumpkin – all that could come in handy to the most spirited Halloween pranksters.

The Tesco stunt was in partnership with BBH London.

Best Video – How To Win At Halloween
Brand – Pizza Hut

Here’s a brand that knows how to win at Halloween…

Using a two-and-a-half minute Halloween-themed video, Pizza Hut offers a̶w̶e̶ghoulsome advice on how to rule the most coveted holiday of the year with creative costumes, scary pranks, and of course the best treats (including pizza).

To celebrate the holiday, Pizza Hut is offering a two-liter of Pepsi for $1 with any order of Twisted Crust Pizza

Designed by video agency Shareability.

Best Tie to Brand Ethos – Unneces-scary
Brand – Chipotle

Quick service chain, Chipotle, teams up with New York-based studio Piro, to creep out those who favor, traditional fast food. By creating a fictitious restaurant “Cheapotle,” the brand shows how additives haunt the fast food choices we make over Chipotle.

It also offers to give out a 3 dollar BOOrito to those who can spook by adding an unnecesSCARY additive to their Halloween garbs.

Best Prankster – Chester Cheetah
Brand – Cheetos

To celebrate the return of its Cheetos Bag of Bones snacks, Cheetos decided to offer an alternate to all that candy…
Teaming up with Caviar delivery service, Cheetos delivered three BOO-worthy surprises to households; The Box Alien, Monster in a Box and The Hungry Ghost, all scaring off the pants of the residents.

Chester, the master pranksters for this holiday also launched Chester’s Pumpkinator, which invites families to design their own digital jack-o-lantern.

Best Use of VR – The House on Hallow Hill
Brand – Target

A virtual reality YouTube series, that takes the viewer into the House on Hallow Hill, revealing cobwebbed rooms in a 360 degree view, with the viewers being able to choose from the rooms: The Sugar Skull Cantina, The Haunted Dining Hall, The Candy Carnival and The Ghoulish Graveyard.

And in case you get tempted with the dusty interiors and get a shopping urge, worry not. The links in the description will take you to target’s website to shop the items you hanker after from the video.

Best Halloween App – Treatser
Brand – Target

Target also gets kudos for also creating a fun-candy seeking app guiding trick o treaters to the sweetest houses in the vicinity…

Using information from parents, who can up-vote the best trick-or-treating spots, by tagging their locations on maps, the more treats a location has the bigger pumpkin appears.

Thus allowing trick-or-treat enthusiasts to make the most of the day.

Best Halloween Product – A.1. Halloween Whopper
Brand – Burger King

The fast-food chain rolled out black buns for Halloween 2015 & no they aren’t burgers left on the grill for too long…

First introduced in Japan, these are a chance for the American consumer to have a taste of Japan & A.1. sauce.

However, the black burger got infamous on Twitter, where consumers complain of #GreenPoop as a consequence of savoring the whopper.

Giving rise to an unintentional, popular hashtag & even inspiring Halloween duo-costumes (Whopper & Green Poop).

Best Pumpkins – Hungry For Halloween?
Brand – Snickers

In Hungry For Halloween? Master pumpkin carver, Jon Neill gives us the creeps as he talks about his craft and the satisfaction he derives from it – all the while carving chilling realistic faces (killer-style) in the pumpkins.

The execution ends with three frightening ghouls, with a Snickers in each of their mouths; keeping with Snickers’ “you’re not you when you’re hungry” tagline.

Best Literary Reference – Peanut Butter Cups Make It A Perfect Halloween
Brand – Reese’s

The spooky spot, “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Make It a Perfect Halloween”, features a headless horseman and his flaming pumpkin noggin’.

The pair’s tumultuous relationship comes to a head when the horseman denies his other half a chocolate fix, sticking a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the Jack-o’-Lantern’s eye rather than his mouth

The peanut-butter-and-chocolate candy brand teamed up with Comedy Central for the ad.

Best Real Nightmare – A Night In The Catacombs of Paris
Brand – AirBnb

This holiday Airbnb offers a one night stay in the largest cemetery in the world, offering lucky (?) guests the chance to sleep amid the skeletons of six million people in the Parisian catacombs.

A morbid bed-&-breakfast like no other. Sleep tight, competition winner.

airbnb halloween 2015

Which brand do you think did it best this Halloween?

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