Times Square OOH Animated 3D Billboard for Spirit Halloween

Yes, it looks like a 3D billboard, but it is a forced perspective illusion that Groove Jones created for Spirit Halloween, and it appeared in Time Square this Halloween season.

The Groove Jones team was asked to create this eye-catching OOH experience that features Jack the Reaper as he smashes through this oversized digital billboard in New York’s Time Square and reaches out to grab onlookers below.

The animation begins with the Spirit Halloween logo and URL callout. Then all of a sudden, a powerful force begins to punch the billboard as if it wants to break out.

The front and side panel begin to distort and shatter with every punch.

Then all of a sudden Jack the Reapers’ skeleton hands tear through the screens. Sparks and shards of glass go flying everywhere.

Giant oversized bats fly out as Jack the Reaper reveals himself.

Forced Perspective 3D Billboard Located In Times Square

The dramatic effect is powerful and is created through a forced perspective illusion.

It doesn’t take special digital hardware or technology to make this content work. Oversized displays that have a corner will work.

Groove Jones created this experience to work on a screen located at Broadway – from 45th to 46th Street.

This high-definition 4K digital billboard, called the “Digital Godzilla,” stretches an entire block that overlooks New York City’s iconic Times Square. The scale, scope and location of the display prime it for significant social sharing and amplification.

The Groove Jones team used cutting-edge content design methods, including recreating New York’s icon Times Square in VR (Virtual Reality) so the team could walk out and view their work on the billboard in real-time from their studio in Dallas, Texas.

The team needed to ensure the designs worked correctly for the forced-perspective angles to work as intended. Seeing it as if you were standing out on the street was key. VR allowed them to view it as if they were there, standing out on Broadway – rain or shine.

About Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation (AR/VR/MR/XR) experiences for world-class brands.