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TIME’s Latest Cover Was Shot Using 958 Of Intel’s Shooting Star Drones

Together with Intel’s Drone Light Show team, TIME Magazine has created TIME’s first cover shot by drone.

Focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles (mostly known as drones) in its June issue, TIME decided to come up with a unique cover using nearly 1,000 drones in the sky above Folsom, California.

TIME worked together with Intel Shooting Star drone team, who have previously set a record with a show including 1,218 Shooting Star drones in the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

In order to display TIME’S colors and create a model that exactly look like the original magazine cover, the team used 958 drones which is close to the number of their record at Olympics.

Creative Director of Time Magazine D.W. Pine shared:

Not only we wanted the border and logo made out of thousands of drones but we also wanted to shoot that cover photo with a drone. In the history of Time, 95 years, we’ve never had a cover image that was shot by a drone camera.

As Intel’s Animation Lead, Time Heath said:

The major challenge of this particular animation is the height at which we have to fly and getting the resolution that we want in the time that we want. This animation is 100 m tall, our ceiling is 400 feet and we have to stay within that space.

Here you can watch behind the scenes of TIME’s drones cover:

We’ve seen amazing covers that TIME has revealed in the past. However, this June’s issue, the first of a kind, is probably be the best we’ve seen so far.

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