The World’s First 3D Commercial By Terre Des Hommes

Experience the heartwrenching story of 12 year old Amani, in this groundbreaking virtual reality ad.

The international human rights charity, Terre des Hommes, after receiving a D&AD Black Pencil and a Cannes Grand Prix for Sweetie, has launched yet another revolutionary ad that invites the viewer to step into the gnarly world of Armani – a 12 year old Kenyan girl whose daily struggles include child labor, physical violence and sexual abuse.

This powerful campaign crafted by Terre Des Hommes and creative production house Revolver Amsterdam, with execution by The Ambassadors, explores the prevalent world of child abuse that so often goes by unseen, leaving you in a state of shock and distress.

By utilizing a 3D experience in a 360 degree view, the viewer gets to experience all the brutalities first-handedly; exploring and pushing the boundaries of cinematic story-telling further than ever before.

Shot with a tailor-made 3D-printed camera rig and 14 GoPros, this 3D experience combined with an Oculus Rift and Dolby surround sound, truly makes you feel as if you are in the same room, painfully witnessing the scene.

This overwhelming campaign, expertly executed and designed, delivers a powerful message in a brilliant way that resonates and stays with the viewer long after they have seen the commercial.

LAB Producer & Manager, Diederik Veelo stated,

Combining these tools with a cinematic approach, you create an emotional experience new to any audience.

The virtual experience, was launched at a Dutch Liberation day Festival in The Hague. It can be downloaded as an app for people to view on their mobile devices. It will also be available online, to view in both 2D and 3D.

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