The Things Conference 2021

The Things Conference 2021, organized by The Things Network, will take place on 24-29 January.

Discount:  10%The world’s largest LoRaWAN conference is back! The conference is coming up with a global, week-long virtual LoRaWAN conference this year. They are expecting 15,000 people from all around the world to join and many exciting announcements from companies like Semtech, ST, Microchip, Microsoft, etc.

They’re more than 5 years in, time to ride a wave of change and start building IoT at scale. The latest innovations in LoRaWAN will be explored with the common mistakes and obstacles so you can mitigate risks during your LoRaWAN development. IoT is not a fairy tale, education through rough lessons is what brings us further.

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Topics Include:

● LoRaWAN fundamentals and technical deep-dives with the #1 experts in the ecosystem
● Interactive virtual networking sessions and 1-on-1 meetings with the industry leaders
● Hands-on experience with all the LoRaWAN devices in the market at the virtual
LoRaWAN Wall of Fame
● A brand new The Things Certification to test and prove your IoT skills on LoRaWAN
basics, security, network management and much more.

The Things Conference organized by The Things Network, a global, open LoRaWAN Network Server provider.

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Join the global, week-long virtual LoRaWAN conference to level-up your skillset, get access to top-notch LoRaWAN products and services, and have thousands of professional connections at your fingertips.Together with 15 000 IoT professionals, we dive into LoRaWAN technology and share the anecdotes no-one wants to hear. Focusing on IoT war stories which give us headaches and restless nights of sleep. You will be confronted with security threads, power-hungry LoRaWAN settings, product lock-ins, miscalculated costs, hardware, optimistic lead-time estimations and POCs of death.

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Tickets are going fast, get yours before it’s too late!This online event is organized by The Things Network
on 24-29 January .