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The Social Media Age – Then & Now

A visual that compares social media then-and-now in a unique and fun way!

Bored? Go see some Vines. Need DIY ideas? Hop onto Pinterest. Miss a friend in another country? Worry not, your friend is only a Skype call away. Wondering how to make a quiche? No sweat, just find yourself a YouTube tutorial. Want to show off your new wardrobe? Instagram away!

Life with social media is busy, entertaining, and incredibly addictive. Do you ever stop and wonder how life must have been preceding the social media age? What is the YouTube equivalent in the old times, what did people do when there was no Instagram? How did they survive without ranting out on Twitter? How did they keep all their friends in one place without Facebook?

This fascinating infographic by Zerofox answers all your questions and shows how social media sites replaced old age methods and modes of communication.


These old school methods may be intriguing, antiquated and charming, but we sure are glad times have changed and we live in the golden social media age where with the click of a button on our smartphones and laptops, we have access to the entire world. Who’s with me?

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