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Mars Candy Brands Reveal Their ‘Bite Size Horror’ Films And Take Halloween Advertising To The Next Level

As with the trick or treat tradition, October is a spooky month with a bunch of sweets, ghost costumes and of course – marketing ads.

To celebrate this month, Mars debuts an ad campaign titled “Bite Size Horror” as part of its sub-brands. The series has included four films and each film is presented by a candy brand under the company. “Floor 9.5” for Skittles, “The Road” for M&Ms, “The Replacement” for Starburst, and “Live Bait” for Snickers. The Bite Size campaign was created by Fox Networks Group’s in-house agency, All City.

The good thing is, they don’t literally -and individually promote the brands, they’re just a ‘kind’ reminder not to forget buying treats for the holiday. So enjoy while watching, and make sure you’re not alone 🙂

Skittles – Floor 9.5

Director: Toby Meakins
Writer: Simon Allen
Stars: Robin Berry, Georgina Campbell, James Cunningham

The first film is the most absurd. This creepy Skittles ad is meant to be a metaphor for modern working life.

The film tells the odd story of an office worker who gets stuck between the 9th and 10th floors of the building while waiting for the elevator. When the tale ends, the starting over situation reminds me a bit of Gothika.

M&M’s – The Road

Writers, Producers, Directors: Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm
Stars: Delaney Dillan, River Lundskog and Danilo Di Julio

The M&Ms film, “The Road,” features a dad and his daughters visiting an isolated road that’s rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a motorcycle rider who died there.

The idea for the film came up easily in one of the writers’ mind, because according to Bishop the spot was based on a true story, which is even stranger.

Starburst – Replacement

Director: Christopher Leone
Stars: Jack McGraw, Aidan McGraw, Amy K. Harmon

Starburst’s “Replacement” is a classic, frightening, doppelgänger story which is about a young boy. The masked other shows up when our bored little boy goes out to have some air himself. This can really freak you out, because the mask-production is great, despite the little budget that Christopher Leone said this film worked with.

Snickers – Live Bait

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller, Andrew Laurich

The idea for the plot came to Miller while he was actually doing fishing in Denmark at his family’s beach house.

Then he tells the story,

Out on the water, all alone, I started thinking about how unfair fishing is on the fish. It’s a hobby that feels so inherently wholesome but in reality it’s quite violent and brutal. It got me thinking about if the tables were turned and the fish got some kind of revenge. Hopefully that comes across in the finished film.

According to AdWeek, Fox might be planning a similar series for Christmas, get ready for the Christmas Carols, then!

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