The New York Times Magazine’s Olympics Issue Is Fascinating

The New York Times is making a comeback with its Olympics Issue website because, it’s full of inspiring stories about the previous Olympics.

With its parallax scrolling design, the website covers memorable stories from the previous Olympics. The Olympics Issue may be about the past but the web design is very futuristic and interactive.

Because of the parallax concept, the stories are separated with a numbered sheet. In a single-page design, the articles and their images are central. The numbered separation sheets have a motion design so while scrolling, the number image is moving.

Even though it’s a long page, it’s still easy to read the articles. More than 100 years of Olympics history, photos of competitors are very vivid and delightful to look at. Some photographs are illustrations with the embossing effects.

Here are the stories and their highlights:

The Comeback


“Justin Gatlin, once a gold-medal sprinter, was disgraced by a four-year doping ban. Now he’s both the oldest Olympic sprinter in United States history and the one with the best shot at gold medals in Rio — but he still can’t outrun suspicion.” by Michael Powell.


The Phenom


“The most dominant swimmer in the pool this summer is 19-year-old Katie Ledecky. The question isn’t whether she’ll win, but by how much.” by Michael Sokolove.


The Legacy


“Five current Olympians warm up with the former Olympians who inspired them.” by Jaime Love.


The Backlash


“Cities compete fiercely for the right to host the Games — even as growing research shows them to be a burden on residents and finances. How Boston’s citizens organized to reject their city’s recent bid.” by Carly Carioli.


The Memories


After all the pageantry, replays and medal tallies, what remains are the indelible stories, large and small, that stay with us. Ten moments that made the greatest impression on 10 writers.


The Talking Head


“Of all the variations that each Olympics bring, there is one thing that always remains the same: Bob Costas.” by Sam Anderson.


The Olympics Issue is a successful example for parallax website design. Don’t you think? Comment below.

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