The Naked Collective – Global Launch by Rightlane Productions

Rightlane Productions created a global launch for The Naked Collective (TNC) which is a carbon-neutral beverage company, committed to creating healthy, functional drinks.

The Objectives

  • Create digital content for both brands to be hosted on their new website.
  • Build an asset library so that they had enough content for 12+ months.
  • Produce a mix of cinematic lifestyle video, lifestyle photography, studio stills & commercials, covering all of their channel requirements.
  • Deliver this content from the brief date, within 30 days.


The Naked Collective (TNC) is a carbon-neutral beverage company, committed to creating healthy, functional drinks. They have two brands – Mude, a sparkling natural beverage and So.Beer, a non-alcoholic beer.

TNC contacted them to see if we could help them meet their objectives. They needed digital content for their website, and also for their social media channels to drive brand awareness and web traffic. They also needed enough of it – more than 12 months’ worth – so that they could post about it all year without losing engagement by recycling content.

It also had to be done quickly. Twelve months of high-quality, engaging content had to be created in thirty days, to facilitate the product launch in Canada, US, and Europe and to capitalize on an already crowded market.

There were also constraints placed on production by the global pandemic. Many studios and agencies across the World facing restrictions on travel and freedom of movement.


The Ideas, Video, Delivery and Results…

By the end of the first week, working closely with TNC, Rightlane Productions had created style guides and mood boards for all of their products with which they could progress. They then developed the creative approach to the video and stills work on location in America, whilst in tandem, carrying out a studio product photography shoot in their Suffolk studio.

Rightlane Productions produced Mude throughout the day, fitting the brand ethos, and So.Beer at night, to give the brand an edgier social appeal. Their production team began shooting at a luxury apartment in Glendale, then spent days two, three, four & five in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Elysian Park, Griffiths Park Observatory, Griffith Park Trails, Malibu & Downtown Los Angeles. Rightlane Productions followed strict Covid-19 testing and safety guidelines during this entire production.

Communication Channels (Global)

With team members based in Dubai, Helsinki, London, Dallas, and Los Angeles and with TNC based in Dublin and Toronto, swift and regular digital communication was key.

Rightlane Productions were able to produce more content over the thirty-day period than an agency based in just one location; whilst one team was heading home, the other was just starting work, giving them a creative and logistical advantage.


  • TNC launched their website early with incredible rich digital content.
  • Rightlane Productions provided an asset library full of high value content, with TNC now prepared to tailor their marketing to their audiences and have relevant digital content for all of their channels.
  • In under 30 days Rightlane Productions provided TNC with over 2TB of content for their asset library and website.

About Rightlane Productions

Rightlane Productions are a creative production agency based in London & Los Angeles best known for being experts in visual storytelling. They are creators, innovators, and future thinkers.