The Marketing Download: The New Podcast of Repeat Digital

As you may know from their 2021 round-up, Nottinghamshire-based digital marketing agency Repeat Digital had a busy year. After hiring new team members, moving into a new office, and taking on lots of new clients, the company is thriving and continuing to take on new challenges in 2022.

One of their latest projects is the launch of their brand new podcast. Repeat Digital is delighted to introduce The Marketing Download – the ultimate podcast for anyone wanting to expand their digital marketing knowledge and stay up to date with the ever-growing industry.

Hosted by Repeat Digital’s Commercial Director, Rob Sherwood, each podcast episode is 20 minutes long and welcomes industry experts as guests to discuss various topics.

The first episode is PPC-focused and discusses the leveraging trends in paid media. Covering integrated marketing, privacy issues, and much more, this episode is particularly helpful for PPC professionals and business owners wanting to improve their paid media strategy.


Along with the rest of the team, Repeat’s Creative Marketing Manager, Emily Petherick, was delighted to get the podcast up and running:

It was really exciting to get our podcast going and we wanted to start with an episode on our specialist subject, PPC! Our aim with the podcasts is really to educate and give small businesses, or those who might not have run ads before, the confidence to start a PPC strategy.

Two of our Account Managers, Kamran and Sam, joined us for this first episode and broke down how businesses can utilize current trends in their PPC campaigns.

In the second episode, Rob welcomes Olly Fisher, the founder and Managing Director of Repeat Digital to discuss the trials and tribulations of starting and running a successful agency.

Olly talks about the challenges he faced, how he managed to overcome them, and the things he learned about himself and digital marketing along the way.

Only two episodes have been released so far, but there are many more to come! The next episode that will be released soon introduces Repeat Digital’s SEO team, Barney Hague-Wright, and Meg Scott.

They discuss the importance of building an SEO content strategy, how much of your content should be purely optimized for SEO, how social media can affect your organic traffic, and more.

You can listen to The Marketing Download on Youtube, Spotify, and Repeat Digital’s website now!

Get in touch with the friendly team at Repeat Digital if you have any questions about their podcast and digital marketing services.

About Repeat Digital

As a team of PPC and SEO experts, Repeat Digital has specialist experience managing digital marketing campaigns across a wide range of industries. By working closely with customers, they can use its insights to increase the performance of their campaigns.

One of Repeat Digital’s key mantras is to progress ourselves, their business, and their clients. This means they are always developing themselves and sharing this amongst their team to be better at what they do, which in turn, means their clients receive a better service.