The Impact of Mindset on Digital Product Success

In Spring 2022, Graphite Digital published new proprietary research, The Contradiction Conundrum, exploring how pharma organisations are currently approaching their digital products, services and strategies.

Conducted in partnership with Reuters Events Pharma and based on the views of 450 global pharma professionals, the report revealed some contradictory statistics and areas of opportunity for pharma teams who want to stand out and get ahead.

Since publication, they’ve had many conversations with digital leaders across the pharma and healthcare sector, reflecting together on the report findings and how they resonated with their own experiences and challenges.

In Graphite Digital’s new white paper, drawing on the insights from these conversations, they’ll look in more depth at the practical steps that organisations can take to overcome these contradictions in order to improve the impact of their digital products, strengthen customer relationships, and maximise ROI.

Focusing on the theme of mindset, the paper features perspectives from leaders and changemakers across the sector, including Malcolm Fogarty (Haleon), Divya Yerraguntla (Syneos Health), Gary Holifield (Amryt Pharma), Dr Gyles Morrison (The Clinical UX Institute), and Colin Williams (Astellas Pharma).

Download your copy here:

What Do They Cover in the Special Edition?

    1. Mindset and Ways of Working

    Graphite Digital explore the role of mindset in digital transformation and look at how can a mindset shift be achieved — both at an individual and organisational level. They also look at what pharma teams can learn from other sectors when it comes to mindset, and how change can be effectively managed.

    2. Strategy and Measurement

    A fundamental aspect of evolving mindset will be moving to a more measurement-focused approach with a clearly defined strategy and goals. They look at why pharma teams often struggle with measurement, and what can be done to overcome these challenges.

    3. User Research and Design

    Speaking to customers first-hand will be essential when seeking to adopt a more customer-centric mindset and approach. Graphite Digital take a look at the importance of user research and share their advice on how common internal barriers to user research can be overcome.

Looking to the Future: Digital Success in 2023

Finally, they look at where you should be focusing your attention and budget to have the biggest impact on your digital products and services in 2023 and beyond.

Mindset, both at an individual and organisational level, has a big impact on success. By evolving ways of thinking and working, pharma teams have the chance to strengthen customer relationships, improve ROI and efficiency, and launch more successful digital products and services.

What can you do to support your teams in embracing a new digital mindset?

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