The Global Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020

The Global Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020, organized by Roar Media, will take place on 3-4 June.

FreeThe Global Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020 will be tackling the challenges of successful transformation head-on and will feature a diverse set of tracks and streams to cover the entire digital landscape.

This great conference will dive deeper than ever before into the world of digital business, going beyond the buzz-word of digital transformation and making real sense of transformation through business use cases, common challenges and inspirational ideas.

Check out this video to find out more about The Digital Transformation Conference London:

The agenda will be made up of over 20 presentations throughout two days, all registered online delegates will receive an access code on June 3rd which will allow you to visit the online conference through the 4th and 5th watching keynote presentations, interviews and panel sessions.

You’ll be able to still have Q&A with speakers and we will be building into this as many engagement features as possible to make the online environment as much like a conference as possible, just without the need to be in a physical location rather accessing everything in the comfort of wherever your remote work has taken you.

Strategic Initiatives & Projects of Dyson, said that;

Really enjoyed the Digital Transformation conference. Well orchestrated and left me feeling energized to head back to work with new ideas and an action plan.

The conference, one of the biggest enterprise led-event of its kind, will feature topics covering the people and culture aspect of transformation right down to the tools and technologies used and the application of methodologies, implementation and strategy.

The Global Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020 is organized by Roar Media which has global experience in the technology events space, their focus now is on the digital and technology space bringing together the brightest minds in the space to come together and collaborate, inspiring the most innovative sector globally.

The Global Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020 is an invaluable part of events and where real value often presents itself, meeting those who are facing the same challenges and coming together to solve similar issues.

First 1000 delegates can register for free for a limited time.

For registration and event details, click The Global Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020 website.This event is organized by Roar Media on 3-4 June.