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The Famous Fast-food Chain Never Mentions Its Name In Their Latest Campaign

McDonald’s latest ad campaign is missing one thing — on purpose: the name of the restaurant.

Last week, the burger chain started a campaign that features actress Mindy Kaling. In the ad, Kaling asks people to google “that place where Coke tastes so good.” Instead of McDonald’s, the company preferred to use Coke instead of mentioning Coca-Cola and Google. The ads were created by a Chicago-based agency called We Are Unlimited.

The company has four different video uploads in the YouTube channel named ‘That place where Coke tastes SO good’. This means the brand doesn’t announce the campaign from their official social media accounts.

The marketing campaign comes just a week after Burger King attempted to trigger voice-activated Google devices to search for the restaurant.

Kaling tweeted on Friday that she recently “partnered with a brand without being able to say the name of the brand,” and joked to be paid in fries. In all of the videos, Kaling is wearing a yellow dress against a red backdrop, referring to McDonald’s brand colours, but still she doesn’t mention the fast-food chain.

In a statement, McDonald’s said:

This ad is part of our beverage promotion, featuring $1 any size soft drinks and $2 small McCafé smoothies, frappés and shakes. This is McDonald’s first unbranded marketing campaign and we are letting the Internet conversation on people enjoying Coca-Cola at McDonald’s speak for itself.

The campaign aims to capitalize on the way millennials are “discovering information” via their smartphones and other devices.

This is a good project to draw the attention from the competitive chain. You can reach the other spots, here.

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