The Evolution Of Abstrakt Brand And Its Website

It is a fact that companies and brands should update their online platforms every now and then so as to catch up with the latest trends and survive in the growing market.

Here is the story of how and why Abstrakt brand has changed over the years.

At first, their website was very simple. They were a small start-up agency supplying digital and print work. Abstrakt built very strong relationships with their customers. They prefer to call themselves as a partner rather than just a supplier.


After their first three years, they decided to reflect their success and agency culture on their brand and website as well. They created a portfolio and took their place next to the agencies admired in Nottingham.

They even changed their name to Abstrakt!

Why Abstrakt?

They were dealing with a lot of complicated problems and coming up with simple solutions to them. They changed their website to a Swiss leaning with a white, clear background and geometric wordmark. Combining these two, they used the Swiss translation, Abstrakt, for “abstractions” which stands for their solutions in this case.


In 2015, they already had 3 former logos, one former brand name, and a few websites in their short history. It was not enough! They decided to hire new, talented, full-time team members, who would refresh the brand more. Their design went more Swiss thanks to the new designer.


After trying all kind of different web platforms like WordPress and even developing their own, Abstrakt started to use Craft CMS. With the support of the new developer and digital designer, they created their new website.


The team grew up with talented young people. Abstrakt should reflect this on their logo too. So, they did! They updated it with all the team members’ collaboration.


If you are wondering whether there will be more logos, here is the answer from Marc Swarbrick, the Creative Director at Abstrakt:

This brand and digital presence has been a real labour of love by the whole team, from the designers, to content creators and developers, everyone has contributed and has their fingerprints all over it. We hope you like it as much as we do because we’re not changing it again until we change again…

About Abstrakt

Abstrakt creates epic user-centric brand and digital experiences that differentiate and resonate in today’s fast paced, ever changing business environment.

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