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The Effect Of Email Marketing Strategies On SEO Results

Gone are the days when web admins used to sit back and wait for general on-site traffic or traffic from off-site inbound links.

These days, you must create top quality content to keep on-site visitors coming back and then reach out to potential visitors and convince them to check out your content either through inbound linking or by directly visiting your site.

That increases your visibility online and boosts your SEO ranking. One way of reaching out to them is using email marketing.

To leverage the power of email marketing, you need to ensure that you create content that’s rich enough for SEO.

The emails get you traffic, help you retain it on your site, but it is your job to convince them to buy your services and product.

If you don’t have the necessary expertise to do this, you can always outsource talented SEO experts to Europe. A recent study conducted by Outsource2EU, emphasizes the number of professional SEO experts located in Europe and their strong and knowledgeable background in the field.

Email marketing involves sending emails to high-authority website admins and convincing them to link to your content from their websites. You can even send them a sample of the content you think would be relevant to their audience. That increases your chances of getting inbound links as compared to sitting back and waiting for them to come naturally.

You can also target potential online visitors with regular newsletters, giving them a taste of your high-quality content. That’s one way of tempting them to come to your website looking for more. If your content is compelling enough, recipients of your emails will share it with friends on social media who will, in turn, become regular visitors.

This makes email marketing a must-have strategy for your SEO rankings. In this post, we will dive deep and establish four ways in which email marketing can help your content rank highly on search engines.

1. Increased engagement rates

How long do online visitors spend on your website? The longer they stay, the more they engage with your content, and more likely they are to convert to loyal customers and regular visitors. If they bounce out of your site within seconds of their arrival, then that means that your content isn’t good enough for them.


With email marketing, however, most of the visitors who come your way have already interacted with your content elsewhere and are only there to indulge their hunger for more.

Such visitors will rarely leave your site in a hurry. Google algorithms understand this increased engagement rate to mean that your content is helpful and deserves visibility for its searchers and thus promotes it to the top of organic search result pages.

2. Improved reputation

High-authority web managers are very strict with the sites they feature on their websites. The last thing they want is a website with a weak reputation which can potentially dilute their own online reputation. How will they know whether or not your site is reputable?

Through the emails you send them and through the approval reviews, it receives from the loyal visitors to whom you send monthly or weekly newsletters.

Reputation is everything in SEO – say experts in Tactica, an SEO company in New Jersey.

If your content is featured or referenced by renowned publishers, then people will start trusting your content as an equally authoritative source of information. Google, on the other hand, trusts your website as a legitimate and rich-content site. That’s how the search engine makes your content visible to its searchers.

3. Enhancing personalized engagements

The wider your target audience is, the more diverse it gets. Posting content on your website without taking note of the diversity might be counter-productive. The content can be highly relevant to part of your audience and at the same time very useless for another part.

With email marketing, however, you are able to communicate with each subgroup within your audience in the way they relate to best. That reduces the bounce rates on your site and convinces Google to rank your site at the top.

4. Double-Leveraging content

If your subscribers are commending you for the high-quality newsletters you have been sending them, why not archive them on your site for non-subscribers to see them and enjoy as well?

The subscribers will always tell you if the content you sent them is good enough for a wider audience. With proven effectiveness, there is no chance that the non-subscribers who read that content will bounce away. As a matter of fact, they are more likely to subscribe than to leave.

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