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The Art Of Creating Popular Infographics

What makes an infographic effective, interesting and shareworthy?

In the world of today, with gargantuan amounts of data being rotated about each day, keeping up can be quite overwhelming.

Infographics pack all this information in a neat, small and concise way using colors, charts, and simple fonts to present it in a way that is easy to comprehend and digest.

While there is no one hard and fast formula that makes an infographic great, the most popular infographics do share a common denominator.

The researchers at seigemedia rounded up the 1000 most shared infogrpahics online, found out what they each had in common, and put together the results in the image.

This awesome infographic explicitly shows all the characteristics that make an infographic popular & sharable:

how to create popular infographics

Use these handy and interesting facts to help you create your next infographic!

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