6 Great Ads For The Rio 2016 Olympics Openings

Olympics Opening Ceremony contributes to a bunch of successful ad campaigns. The best 6 are listed below.

Advertising agencies think a lot bigger when it comes to sports ceremonies like the Super Bowl or the Olympics.

Likely enough, Rio 2016 is the event expected to release such beautiful, yet powerful advertising campaigns for powerful brands like Samsung, Visa, Nike, Toyota and Gillette.

The ads mostly contain condensed sentimental values. Key themes include: reach success, to be like the other, but in a different way, hard-work makes everything and so on. Anyway, all sport ads are generated from these points, don’t you think?

Let’s analyze them all quickly:

Nike: Untimited You

This way-too-good commercial is about people’s sense of freedom and belief in themselves.

The video starts with the childhoods of all the athletes. Narrated by a person from outside, all of them fail during their childhood, but will be champions when they grow up.

They all even pushed their limits and overreached their goals. “Unlimited You” is an unbelievably successful ad, created by the agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Christoph Waltz: Busy Busy Busy

Another creativity boast from Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Galaxy Note 7 is defined by Cristoph Waltz this time. The Oscar-winning actor is gossiping about Americans who are busy all the time, he mocks them in a sarcastic way.

The smartphone Galaxy Note 7 allows people to multitask. The ad message says, take a picture of what you do and share extra-curriculars in a fun way.

American buyers will surely embrace the ad, but what about the others?

P&G / Gillette: Perfect Isn’t Pretty

Great star-gazing commercial from Grey New York, Gillette is showing heroes: Neyman Jr., Ning Zetao, Ashton Eaton, Andy Tennant are starring in the video.

Athletes can accidentally get injured and their skin is not always flawless. “Your face takes a beating from a lot of things. Your razor shouldn’t be one of them.” The campaign’s message is clear.

Also, Sia’s Unstoppable is the soundtrack of the campaign, which adds to its popularity.

Visa: The Swim

This is the most emotional one. A refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini rescues 17 people in 2015 by pulling the boat by swimming forward. And now she will compete during the Olympics, Visa will be a proud sponsor of her.

With her tenacity and greatness, BBDO New York made the campaign with Visa. This interesting story is worth watching. Visa also sponsors the Team Visa athletes and the team members of the Refugee Olympic Team.

Toyota: Let’s Go Places

This is the best ad from the “Stand Together” campaign. Toyota gathers people around the world and tries to give a message; “We generate power when we gather together.”

The campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles is continuing with all the same plan. Grasping hands and connecting from everywhere in the world. The “Stand Together” campaigns may channel the 1986 “Hands Across America” charity event by creating a human chain outside the stadium.

So which one is your favorite Olympics ad? Tell us your comments.

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