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The 6 Best Mother’s Day Ads Of 2017

Mother’s Day has recently passed, but the ads are still rolling in the internet.

We have one technological, one odd, one new-gen, one emotional, one up-to-date and one traditional spot on our Mother’s Day ad list. Enjoy while watching and choose your favourite!

Brawny: Once a Mother, Always a Giant

Brawny, partnered Cutwater and made the most technological Mother’s Day spot of the year. The agency did a very original and clever job for the paper-towel brand by strapping Snapchat Spectacles to the children, so the commercial was shot from the point of view of the kids. The real four families were filmed in a fisheye format for two days to shoot “real accidents” like fallen spaghetti, scattered toilet paper-rolls or an artistic painting disaster.

The purpose of the ad is ‘to honor the strength and resilience that mothers rely on to overcome their daily challenges’, for this Mother’s Day.

Chuck McBride, Chief Creative Officer at Cutwater, explains the campaign idea,

The campaign was inspired not only from the ‘Stay Giant’ brand positioning, but also from role that women play in our lives and in society. Motherhood in particular can be a challenging time, and we wanted to highlight the strength and resilience that women have during this period through the perspective of their children. ‘Once a mother, always a giant’ seemed like a simple way to articulate this point of view, while celebrating women for the strong and resilient people they are.

Skittles: Umbilical

This is definitely the most unforgettable one. The spot is chosen as the most disturbing Skittles (and probably Mother’s Day) ad, because the ‘way’ they describe motherhood is pretty odd! In this Tv commercial, a man is connected to his mother via an umbilical cord and he is guessing the flavours as his mother eats them.

Terribly strange, DDB Chicago drew attention with this one undoubtedly. But still, who knows what they had in mind while creating this up, a big question.

American Greetings: Tattoo

The most emotional ad on the list, MullenLowe and American Greetings created something unique and impressive for the ones who are remembering this day as a bittersweet memory…

A letter was written for a young woman from her mother and years after the loss of her mother, the letter makes a huge impression. The story follows the young woman who gets two words as a tattoo on her wrist as the voiceover reads from a birthday card.

‘You are the sunshine of our lives’ and, the narration from the letter continues: ‘You’ve brought us love, joy, laughter. Your inner beauty radiates from you. Keep shining.‘ Then, we see “keep shining” as her tattoo.

eHarmony: Someone For You

This one is the most up-to-date one. Created by the online dating website eHarmony, the ad features the troubles the single moms are having in their romance life.

In the spot, a single mom tries to date with a man who completely doesn’t understand her under the circumstances in being a mother. Later, she dates another man who is the same with her, has a son, and they’re having a dinner altogether. The spot is directed by Sheridan O’Donnell and produced by Hardline Films.

HP: With Every Child A Mother Is Born

HP continues the approach that began last year in being focused on the emotional power of tangible, printed images. Created by Aigner&Oesterreicher, precious moments were captured from the sonogram of a newly-wed couple’s child. The photos were printed from the HP’s Sprocket,the tech brand celebrates the couple’s path to parenthood in a two-minute film.

Released digitally on the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and hp.com, tagline of the ad is, “With every child a mother is born. Reinvent joy”.

Pampers: Midnight Mother’s Day

In the Midnight spot, Procter&Gamble Co.’s Pampers tries to describe motherhood as a 24/7 job in a 30-second ad that was filmed during the night. Created by Saatchi&Saatchi, the ad was aired on TV, online and social media from midnight to 5 a.m. on Mother’s Day only.

In the ad, while the moms are feeding, cuddling, kissing, patting their babies. Considering the day as their first Mother’s Day, the text reads, “They might not be able to say it. So let us be the first, Happy Mother’s Day.”

This year has witnessed that the brands seem so eager to try something new, rather than featuring simple, emotional ads. And maybe, this will trigger the advertising industry to rise a new kind of a trend. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.

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