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The 10 Best SEO Tools For Startups

These SEO tools can help catapult your startup from scratch and elevate your website on search engines. 

Most startups run on shoestring budgets and gradually build a customer base. To help take your project off-the-ground and attract attention, you need online visibility.

Good SEO tools are about more than just finding quality keywords. Reports and analytics play a crucial role as well. Firstly, invest in an efficient, professional website with easy navigation for your business before you start spending cash on SEO tools:

Here are the top 10 SEO tools for startups lined alphabetically, that every startup ought to experiment with in order to create and garner attention:

1. Ahrefs – An excellent tool for understanding competitors ‘backlinks distribution with accurate results and statistical data.

2. Free Market Samurai – A tool with multiple features that allow you to customize keyword research, optimize your site and perform competitor analysis.

3. Google Analytics – Provides valuable statistics and date to helps you understand your visitors. Advance reporting is another significant feature of this tool.

4. Long Tail Pro – One of the best tools for keyword research, Long Tail Pro lets you search up to 10 keywords & multiple links at a time.

5. Majestic SEO – This tool lets you keep a check on your competitors. Simple share the URL of your competitor and get a detailed analysis of their site structure and SEO.

6. Raven Tools – An idea tool for entrepreneurs and startup owners, Raven is a brilliant blend of SEO, content marketing, PPC and social medial tools, laden with numerous features to aid you.

7. Scribe Content – A project by Copy Blogger Media, Scribe Content is an advanced keyword research tool that helps you boost traffic, optimize your blog, ranks specific keywords and analyze your website.

8. SEMrush – For those looking for higher website ranking, this tool is your best bet. It also performs SEO tasks and tracks both advertising opportunities and domain rankings.

9. SEO Powersuite – This all-in-one package lets you audit websites, track your page rank and for link assistant and provides you with accurate date.

10. Squirrly SEO – This tool offers you paid features such as unlimited content optimization, features for monitoring your website’s ranking, headlines suggestions, blog analytics, keyword research and much more.

Optimize your website on Google and other search engines using these powerful tools. Are there any other SEO tools that you like to use?

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