Teaming Up With True Agency, Interactive Revamped Their Corporate Website

Australia’s largest privately owned IT company Interactive engaged True Agency to deliver a digital solution to replace their existing corporate website. The project also gets nominated for the 2019 Melbourne Design Awards for the Digital-Corporate / Silver category.

The website has involved a unique user experience, well thought out interactions and sophisticated application of real-time personalisation. The objective was to reflect the company’s dedication to innovation, represent their passion for quality service and to empower the marketing team with a new tool to learn and drive better marketing decisions going forward.

With a strategically driven solution at the core, the result was a reimagined corporate website that takes Marketo and WordPress integration to the next level. Interactive Pty Ltd takes part as the Project Commissioner while True Agency is the Project Creator.

The team includes Brittany Doherty as the Project Manager, Richy Vong for the UX Design, Aaron Yong for the Digital Design, Jofry Sutanto as the Leas Developer, and David Taing handling the Digital Strategy.



Project Brief

True Agency was tasked with helping Interactive transform their corporate website. The brief required an agency to help craft a new and exciting customer experience but more importantly, True Agency understood it as an opportunity to redefine how consumers interacted with the Interactive brand and business.

With a strategically lead team and a deep focus on their target audience, they all worked closely as one team to design and build an innovative solution that will empower the team for years to come.



Key requirements:
• Better represent Interactive’s position as leaders in its industry
• Mobile responsive & intuitive UX design
• Marketo x WordPress real-time personalisation integration
• Enhance design through a refined look & feel
• Flexible CMS
• Solution which supports digital marketing endeavours

Project Innovation/Need

Beyond a simple IA and website refresh, this project was seen as an opportunity to innovate. True recognised the need from Interactive to deliver a solution that would equip the Sales & Marketing team with a proper toolset for lead generation and acquisition.

Fundamentally, the new website was more than just a design refresh or simply a technology / CMS upgrade. Rather, it would be a complete reconstruction of how Interactive nurture existing customers and interact with potential ones. They all knew targeting users and mapping their journey would play a huge role, and that personalisation was key.

With Marketo already used within the business, True designed a solution with clever Marketo integration in mind. To really empower the team, they knew they had to innovate here. The end result was a great balance which allowed the team without knowledge of code to have full control of the CMS and still leverage scoring, forms and personalisation to all work together.

Design Challenge

The core driver behind the project was to create something that served as an extension to the sales team, and not just an informational website. This demanded a deeply empathetic mindset and required them to be both respectful of the brand history as well as creative and how they pushed beyond the boundaries of what Interactive have previously been accustomed to.

True Agency have supported the Interactive team with several design concepts and put forth their preferred which in the end, was the one favoured by all. Interactive is a brand that many who know it, recognise without fail. Their distinctive attention to brand guidelines is admirable and they are incredibly fortunate to have been able to contribute to the next level of their evolving digital identity.



User Experience

As always, True’s relationship with Interactive has thrived from mutual respect and genuine collaboration. It was no different here with workshops and very regular WIPs. They worked closely to ensure they were always aligning they vision and exchanging insights.

Diligence was required to map all respective user journeys for user personas across the different lines of businesses. Ensuring there was always a pathway at any stage in the nurturing process was mandatory in creating qualified prospects.

In the end, they had acquired a very thorough understanding of the key user journeys. Then, they got creative introducing dynamic navigation that leveraged more device interface design. Intuitive and different, it now stands out from the corporate crowd and has been a unique feature which has set Interactive apart from its competitors.

Operationally, the site’s corporate tailored WordPress CMS and Marketo integration means Interactive now have the tools to easily make changes to drive improved leads and conversions.

All this whilst having full control in managing website content to ensure a valuable experience for both new and returning visitors.

Digital – Corporate

This award celebrates innovation and creativity in design of a unique user experience in the combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content for websites. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.

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