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Supported By Blue Fountain Media, Allstate Puts Great Content In Customers’ Hands

For over 85 years, Allstate Insurance has helped to protect customers’ homes, vehicles, and personal property from life’s risks and uncertainties throughout the industry.

Serving over 16 million households, Allstate continues to keep one of the most iconic brand promises ever made: You’re in good hands.

Allstate also serves its customers with clear, accurate information about insurance, home, and auto-related topics in its resource center and its award-winning blog. Therefore, leading digital agency Blue Fountain Media has had the opportunity to create compelling content to help Allstate educate and engage its customers and prospects.

The Challenge

Insurance is complicated. People have different levels of understanding of how insurance works and the key concepts underpinning it. Their challenge was to come up with clear, accurate, and interesting ways to explain insurance – and a range of other topics – without dumbing anything down.


The Approach

Over a number of great engagements, the agency created a wide range of content for Allstate, including articles, infographics, slideshares, and video.

Introducing Mom CEO

Blue Fountain Media was tasked with communicating tips about road safety in rough weather. To do this, they created a character, Mom CEO (Chief Emergency Officer) to anchor a content campaign featuring a range of articles and infographics. Celebrating and appreciating the contribution that moms make to ensuring road safety was very successful, and the content was some of the most viewed on the Allstate blog.

The agency has followed up the success with a range of other articles and infographics, including a range of resources with a focus on small business.


Demystifying Insurance with Video

BFM has wrote a number of articles for Allstate’s Tools & Resources center, which provides accurate, objective information about the nuts and bolts of insurance.


When Allstate wanted to add video to its tools & resources, they scripted and produced a series of 25 videos. Starring some of Allstate’s most talented and hardworking agents, this videos explained insurance concepts from an approachable but expert perspective, giving real-life examples of how insurance works.



The content Blue Fountain Media has created helped Allstate continue to educate and engage its customers. Allstate’s content marketing efforts were recognized at the 2017 Content Marketing Awards, where the insurer won Corporate Blog of the Year. As a result, the team were delighted for the Allstate team and thrilled that they had the chance to contribute to a best-in-class publication.

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