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Superpowers Are Visualized As Geometric Shapes

Supergraphics is a set of posters that visualize superhuman abilities in geometric shapes, designed by Fardan Munshi. 

Waterloo-based visual designer Fardan Munshi created 16 different posters that portray the superhuman powers we all wish to have.

For this project, he was inspired by Genís Carreras, who did a similar project in the past, called Philographics, which explains complex philosophical concepts. To pay homage to his muse, Fardan Munshi named his series Supergraphics.

In Supergraphics, most of the designs are abstract, just a couple of them are easy to understand from their names, for example time travel or duplication. For instance, in telepathy, Munshi draws two eye figures interwoven, just because he thought that “Telepathy is the mind’s eye, not just vision.”

Meanwhile each illustration includes an explanation. Circles represent unity. Diamonds represent strength. Hourglasses demonstrate the passing of time.

In Munshi’s world of art, superpowers can be described in visuals.

He speaks about his artistry,

I follow a human-centered approach and my design decisions are driven by strategic business goals. I value strong design intuition and am highly opinionated about design. I enjoy transforming complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs.

















Now we all want not one, but all the superpowers. Which one is your favorite?

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