The Sunday Times Film Posters: See It All From The Inside

The Sunday Times campaign “Eyes” gives you an opportunity to see worlds and landscapes from iconic movies through eyes of movie heroes.

To celebrate The Sunday Times’ Film & Screen Season, creative agency Grey London has created an eye-catching series of posters.

These beautifully minimalist posters imagine scenes from some of the world’s most-iconic films through the eyes of their protagonists: A spider’s-eye view of New York City, a robotic snapshot of Tatooine, Raoul Duke’s dusty, aviator-clad road to Las Vegas & the wide-eyed wonder of the Minions.

see it all from the inside

sunday times film posters

sunday times see it all from the inside

sunday times film season posters

sunday times film and screen season

The Sunday Times, together with The Times, bring readers a whole month dedicated to their exclusive film and screen season through editorial content, Membership offers and exclusives. This insider’s guide to film flips the way we look at the medium and analyses not just what is on the screen, but what lies behind it – enabling readers to “see it all from the inside”.

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