Storytelling Inspiration From Booking.yeah!’s first-ever brand campaign, Booking.yeah offers a great storytelling inspiration with its viral video “Booking Hero”., the world leader in booking accommodations online, announced the launch of “Booking.yeah” campaign in 2013. The company launched a viral video as part of the Booking.yeah campaign recently, created by Wieden + Kennedy. This 60-second viral ad called Booking Hero tells the epic story of a “booking hero” whose knack for finding the perfect accommodations helps him not only enjoy a great vacation – it helps him fulfill his destiny. shows how good life can be when you get it “booking right” with this story of how one man’s lucky hostel reservation led him to becoming a successful author, husband and father of two who spends his weekends paragliding over castles.

Based on real stories and insights from customer reviews, the ad offers a great instance of storytelling achievement.

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