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Stella Artois Created A “Tastable” Music Video With Sid Lee

Stella Artois collaborates with Sid Lee, to create a music video you can taste, with sounds designed to enhance the different tastes of the beer. 

In partnership with Sid Lee of New York, the beer brand Stella Artois created this unique experience.

Music and taste comes together in the video, that is a part of Le Savoir –  a multi-sensory entertainment platform and dining experience, held in Montreal earlier in August, in New York this week, and in Buenos Aires in September, the event features a four-course meal with matching beers and a live performance by The Roots.

Sid Lee developed the experience with The Roots, food scientists Bompas & Parr and 45 Degrees, Cirque du Soleil’s events and special projects company.

The video invites the viewer to experience two different versions of the tracks. One is for “sweet and fruity” using high tones, and the other is for “bitter and hoppy” with low tones. The idea is while you drink the same Stella beer, the two versions of the music enhance the two different flavors of the beer – bitter and sweet.

Two versions of the tracks were created. Listen and see if you can taste the difference:


The Roots experimented with different pitches, instruments and music styles to create this original, multi-sensorial song that stimulates the ears and the taste buds, based on the research of Professor Charles Spence of the University of Oxford.

Dan Chandler, Executive Creative Director at Sid Lee also commented about their project,

Sounds can influence your sense of flavor. We found fruity pineapple notes, for instance, and then asked people what sounds they represent. All of the sounds were then added to the video, to bring out the fruity or sweeter notes, or the bitter notes that come from the hops in the beer.

For now, the tracks are available online. The music video will be released later this month, allowing people everywhere to engage their senses this summer and take part in a one-of-a-kind experience highlighting the power of sound and taste.

Did you like the collaboration of music and taste?

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