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Spotify Now Lets Brands Sponsor The Popular Playlists

Spotify has introduced another ad product for brands to sponsor the popular playlists curated by the music streaming service.

Brands can now sponsor the popular playlists curated by the music streaming service, with a message that matches the playlist of their choice. Sponsored Playlists allow Spotify to take advantage of its user data to give marketers a way to engage in broad-based audience targeting.

Spotify announced the new Sponsored Playlists with a blog post and mentioned that Kia has already tested out the new product:

Kia sponsored New Music Friday to introduce its NEW Kia Sportage. Through the sponsorship, Kia was able to promote their new Sportage to users as they discovered new music throughout the week. And so far, the results have been outstanding, both in terms of audience engagement and brand impact.

With Sponsored Playlists, it’s all about matching the playlist to your marketing goals. Think content plus context; the right message in the right moment.

Here’s a video by Spotify explaining how the playlists will work:

Playlists are one of Spotify’s most popular features, with its top playlists amassing millions of followers. Just a few days ago, Spotify announced that its personalized Discover Weekly playlist has reached 40 million users.

The new ad unit is now available in the U.S. and is in beta in the U.K., though the company has plans to expand to other markets this year.

For brands, Sponsored Playlists offers an interesting way to get their messages across in an organic way.

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