Spin Brands Managed Organic Social for Moët & Chandon

MOët & Chandon is the UK’s No.1 champagne brand. Spin Brands has expanded its performance in a hyper-competitive digital space by spreading the brand to a broad consumer age group.

The Challenge

Moët & Chandon have been an icon of success with style for 270 years, and in the UK are considered the No.1 champagne brand, with the highest levels of Awareness and Consumption. By holding the largest estate in the Champagne region, and as such the widest variety of grapes, they are able to achieve unrivaled constancy for their flagship Impérial range and originality for their Grand Vintages.

The challenge was to replicate this performance in a hyper-competitive digital space, by appealing to a wide set of consumer age groups. Moët & Chandon’s concern was that the diversity of “moments” that defined the brand, was absent from their organic content and tone of voice.

Spin Brand’s Solution

Their solution was to construct and carefully execute a contemporary tone of voice that was both reactive to a fast-paced UK context but also relatable to multiple age demographics.

Spin Brand sought to ensure that creative assets created in Paris for European-wide deployment were made appropriate for the UK context. As such, each piece of copy deliberately conveyed the elegance of Moët & Chandon whilst also remaining accessible to a UK audience with varying tastes and wine knowledge.

On Facebook, by focusing on the concept of shared moments, Spin Brand sought to increase the engagement and relevance of Moët & Chandon, whilst also amplifying the “Spirit of Generosity” that so defines the brand’s heritage.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Spin Brand sought to capitalize on the opportunities presented for hyper-reactive and savoir-faire content to enable Moët & Chandon’s audience to see the brand in diverse settings.

The Results

By creating more engaging and contemporary content Spin Brand managed to increase engagement rate across platforms, proof that they are better at speaking to their target audience.

Facts & Figures

    +67% Facebook Engagement Rate
    +300% Twitter Engagement Rate

About Spin Brands

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