Soul+Wolf Applied a Forward-Thinking and Responsive Digital Strategy for Phoenix

Producing bespoke world-class events that reach out and inspire change.

Phoenix Creative Management is a leader in its space, creating lasting brand experiences through innovative and strategic live events. With COVID forcing an industry-wide shutdown of in-person events, they pivoted to focus on delivering virtual solutions.

The Goal

Phoenix had long survived on its loyal return-customer base, on top of word-of-mouth and recommendations for new customers.

Faced with the challenges of surviving COVID-19, they looked swiftly to market a suite of new virtual services – seeking a sophisticated digital campaign that would build awareness, drive traffic and convert customers.

With a crucial deadline, Soul+Wolf applied a forward-thinking and responsive digital strategy that saw Phoenix not only survive but thrive.

The Solution

Soul+Wolf’s mission began with a vigorous Google Ads campaign that targeted users searching for “virtual events” across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Soul+Wolf followed that up by creating a conversion-focussed landing page that best highlighted who Phoenix is, and how they could facilitate unforgettable virtual events throughout the lockdown period of 2020.

Through highly personalised ad copy, Soul+Wolf was able to engage the right type of client – always showcasing Phoenix’s unique skills to bring a lockdown-induced virtual event to life.

And as Soul+Wolf discovered the majority of leads came from Melbourne, Soul+Wolf placed even more focus on this demographic throughout the campaign period, adjusting accordingly to sharpen ad spend and maximise return.


The Results

The effective digital ad campaign saw Phoenix attract 25 high-ticket enquiries, followed by settling on 17 new projects – many of which have subsequently led to successful return business. And the best part? This was all achieved in just 8 short weeks.

Amber Coupe, Creative Director & Founder of Phoenix said:

The Soul + Wolf team provided opportunities for Phoenix to thrive during the COVID pandemic – a tremendous feat during a difficult time for all businesses. Through converting the leads generated from the S+W digital campaign, Phoenix has grown as a business, expanding our offerings and delivering more exceptional experiences for new clients…

About Soul+Wolf

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