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Sony PlayStation’s New Spot For ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Is All About Rivalry And The Dark Side

Think about a neighbourhood which is taken over by the imagination of a childhood daydream.

Created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York, Sony PlayStation rolled out an ad for Star Wars: Battlefront II that focuses on the story about ‘Rivalry’.

Directed by Wayne McClammy at Hungry Man, the video focuses on a battle of Light and Dark. As the little boy plays with his Luke Skywalker toys, he sees the little girl moving in next door. As she walks out of the truck all dressed in black, she carries a Darth Vader toy. They both have lightsabers in red and blue colors, and they both show them to each other between the windows.


As they get older throughout the years, their rivalry blossoms. He destroys a TIE fighter piñata and makes the little girl angry, but she strikes back by building a high-production Death Star treehouse. As teenagers, they continue competing with each other at school, in the classroom and on the football field.

Eventually, when they become adults, the boy appears all grown up and is seen sitting in his apartment while playing PS4, he sees a full sized AT-AT, piloted by the girl. He joins the battle and bursts into the the snow-covered Starkiller Base. The tagline reads, “Greatness Awaits”.

As the creative team of the project, BBH New York explained the plot as,

The greatest rivalries can only be settled in a galaxy far, far away. Leading up to the release of Star Wars Battlefront II, PlayStation told a coming of age story that pits a boy who loves the Light Side against a girl who trusts in the Dark Side. Over decades, we watch them one-up each other again and again. That is, until they’re launched into the Star Wars universe, exchanging blaster fire, in the battle their rivalry deserves.

According to Game Spot, Battlefront II will officially release on November 17. People using PC and Xbox One can play the EA/Origin Access trial to experience the full multiplayer component and the first three single-player missions, though it’ll be limited to a total of 10 hours of gameplay. Plus, pre-ordering the Deluxe edition lets complete access as of today.

This childhood romantic comedy-like story looks perfect for all the Star Wars fans and to be honest, we missed this kind of heartwarming science fiction!

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