SociallyInfused Media Partners With Protect Your Wealth

SociallyInfused Media and Protect Your Wealth work together to deliver financial insights and recommendations to Canadians wanting to protect their futures.

Thanks to the uncertainties introduced by COVID-19, Canadians are paying more attention to their financial situation than ever before. They have questions about saving, investing, disability/critical illness insurance, and planning for retirement.

To provide the answers, award-winning digital marketing agency SociallyInfused Media has partnered with Protect Your Wealth, which has been providing clients with expert and unbiased financial planning and investment advice since 2007.

CEO Parvesh Benning founded Protect Your Wealth with a single goal in mind: to help Canadians eliminate threats to their financial freedom. When the pandemic broke out, he began working with SociallyInfused to create online resources to do just that.

  • Blogs with straightforward and actionable financial planning strategies
  • Comprehensive guides about disability planning and life insurance options
  • Checklists that can serve as a blueprint for informed investment decisions

Benning, who has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, says that Protect Your Wealth is committed to helping people protect themselves from unforeseen financial risks.

Parvesh Benning, CEO of Protect Your Wealth, says:

As we’ve seen from the pandemic, life can throw some large curveballs, especially financially. At Protect Your Wealth, our mission is to safeguard our clients against these unexpected turns.

Benning says that many Canadians are worried about the impact of the crisis on their home ownership prospects, debt situation, and psychological well-being. Much of the new material on his website is geared toward those who want to regain financial stability but aren’t sure how to start.

Vincent Bucciachio, founder and CEO of SociallyInfused Media, says:

Canadians are desperate right now for financial information they can trust. With Parvesh’s content being optimized to answer top financial questions, his knowledge and experience are being found when people need it the most.

About SociallyInfused Media

SociallyInfused Media is a Hamilton, Ontario-based digital marketing agency that designs compelling visuals and creative brand stories for businesses. It operates by curating, educating, and innovating in unique ways to deliver results.

About Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth offers advice, strategies, and solutions that help clients clearly envision and successfully accomplish their financial planning goals. It is a holistic and needs-based practice that always puts the client first.