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Social Media Strategies Summit San Francisco 2017

Organization:Insight Exchange Network

Location:San Francisco

When:07/02/2017 – 09/02/2017

The Social Media Strategies Summit San Francisco is the must-attend event for marketers. This 3-day event features hands-on intensive workshops and talks, focus on brand case studies, how-to tutorials, and best practices.

The event offers best practices, case studies and how-to sessions from social media and digital marketing leaders. The 3 day conference features 6 dedicated tracks.

Each speaker will bring real-world, applicable knowledge and tips to get marketers thinking out of the box and generating fresh, winning ideas for their social campaigns and content.

SMSS San Francisco features case studies from brands including Gatorade, Casper, Nickelodeon, Kaiser Permanente, Intuit, Hilton and more.

Why you should attend?

• Learn from a mix of experienced in-house practitioners and award-winning agencies to get a 360° view on what it takes to execute a successful, revenue-driving social media strategy.

• Build a content strategy that’s sustainable, scalable and drives business growth.

• Leverage practical, tangible strategies to differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace.

• Strategically integrate social media tools to run more effective, engaging campaigns.

• Meet other organizations with the challenges just like yours – and learn how they are overcoming them and more.This conference provides lots of opportunities to network, so take advantage of it!

Fuel your social media strategy through compelling content, customer experience, brand storytelling, advocacy and technology.

Here is a video from Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago 2016, including participant’s feedback:

Speakers at Social Media Strategies Summit include:

  • Karen O’Brien, VP, Global Social Media, Brand and Engagement at WESTERN UNION
  • Lindsay Kaplan, VP of Communications at CASPER
  • Alisa Ben, VP & Head of Insights at UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP
  • Layla Revis, Vice President, Global Social Media at ORACLE
  • Stacey DePolo, Social Media Manager at GODADDY

The Social Media Strategies Summit Series organized by GSMI which is a conference production company based in San Diego and San Francisco.

SMSS is the #1 conference choice for social media, digital marketing and communications professionals across industries. Don’t miss out!

Interested? Find out more here.

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